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First 'download' from new IntelliPAP


  06:05:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 633 words  
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First 'download' from new IntelliPAP

So anyways...I set up the laptop in the bedroom with the new power adapter...entered all the codes in and generated a report...and got the PDF file. I then went to print it...and it didn't.

It reported "lpr: Bad copies value 0", I had configured the Ubuntu Oneiric to print directly on my network to my HP Photosmart 8405xi printer. Well, I didn't test it when I put it into CUPS, but assumed it would work like the other times I had done it (though other systems are running Lucid.) Tried a test from the printer panel, and could hear the printer going....tried from the browser again. No go.

Searched around on google a bit...eventually found that its a 'bug'. Edit the /etc/cups/printers.conf, and change the line "Copies 0" to "Copies 1". Wonder where that came form, there's no "Copies" in the printers.conf files on my Lucid systems. That fixed it.

Though not sure why I needed to print it....its only for my (and the world's) information. Though wonder what I'll do when I see my sleep doc next.

Strange that not all the characters converted correctly in ghostscript, probably need an update? Not quite the detail I'm used to with EncoreViewer....I did buy the data module, except that I can't remember where I put it. The only thing of special interest is the "Exhale Puff Index" graph. I meant to shave last night, but didn't feel like getting back out of bed... It wasn't with the machine when I finally got to setting it up, and doesn't seem to be standing out amongst the clutter on computer desk (though that's probably where its hiding...)

Guess there's a GSview4.91 beta for Windows 7....that I should've gotten. Except that it expires at the end of next month, so guess I just have to wait until there's a real Windows 7 version?

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