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Getting local content to show on my Roku XDS


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Getting local content to show on my Roku XDS

Meanwhile...I had looked into USB storage for my Roku at various times.... I even own a USB drive or two that I could use. But, I didn't want to do the sneakernet thing, so I was looking for some kind of solution where I'd have storage that was both regular USB storage to the Roku and also network. Didn't have to be pretty, but as long as it was workable.

After lots of searching, I found that others in the Roku forum were also looking for this kind of solution. So, I'm not alone, but nobody has answered our call yet?

Then there was a post suggesting that maybe the Infinitec IUM would work.

I found the company's website, and did a quick read....it pairs over WiFi to storage and appears as a regular USB drive to whatever its plugged into. And, seems to suggest it would work devices like the Roku. Hmmm $129 + $10 shipping....would come by courier from ? Dubai....interesting. Well, they take paypal...so let's try it.

But, then I started reading the reviews....wish I had done that first! :**:

It uses the host computer's wifi and it would cut that box off the internet, but it uses some magic to gateway the host through it to wifi. But, none of my home computers have have WiFi. I have a WiFi network...but hmm... I suppose I could by a wifi adapter for one of them and see if that'll work.

Also the compatibility table had all checkmarks for "Windows XP/Vista/7", "Mac OS X", and "Linux"....also for "Tablet PCs".

Well, it arrived Thursday...it was sent Fedex International Priority, so it was pretty quick. I plugged it into Orac (because that's what I'm running dlna software on [minidlna]...and where I keep my media files...and that new filesystem I've set aside for stuff I want to play on my Roku...and that I've been converting lots of older files using Handbrake....I think that's interfering with my BOINC standings)

Well, the pairing the Infinite USB drive? All I see is autorun.inf and a couple of directories...and it looks very much like it will only work on a Windows.... OK, I am sharing the drive out using Samba, so I can get to it on other systems (in the last weekend attempt to do Gabby, I tried mapping the network drive and sharing it directly through Gabby) Maybe I'll try that.

Well, mail man brought me the USB Wireless adapter I had purchased just in case... I pick Gumby to try installing the software on. Even though its far away from my Roku...its the box that is leastly likely to have conflicts with me sticking a wireless adapter into it and trying this other stuff. So, I installed it there.... Hmmm, Gumby does its new hardware thing and it wants to reboot. >:-( And, during the boot it needs to do a chkdsk on one of my drives....wait...what's the G drive? That's the IUM! U-( Well, I open the drive and figure out what the autorun.inf would invoke and run it. During the install it says I'm current, and then it is done. Well, there's a shortcut on my desktop....double click that....and it can't communicate with its service. I check the service...its running, I restart it anyways. Still no go. Guess I'll install the wireless adapter....

Well, that didn't help...it still can't communication with its service. I search around and fiddle some more....once I left it running and spinning, and Adobe AIR asked to update to a newer version....so I tried that. Also didn't help. Did some searching....more negative reviews....one said they had to try 3 different computers before they got closer...and then still had to fiddle with Windows Firewall (they noted that it complained it was in the way, even when it was disabled....hmmm, ya...I have it disabled on my home computers...) or that they had manually open holes in their firewall, even though it was supposed to automatically do this, etc. Guess I should've read these and stayed away.

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