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Getting local content to show on my Roku XDS


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Getting local content to show on my Roku XDS

During the initial review reading before I got the IUM, one of the review sites (http://www.ehomeupgrade.com) mentioned the HSTI Wireless Media Stick....so I go looking at that, and that sounds much better. $120? Sure....quick check on Amazon.com....$85? Sounds better. But, no Amazon Prime.... Starting to wonder if the IUM would work or not....suppose that even if it did, I'd still have a use for it. But, the HSTI definitely sounds like the thing would work better.

Well, UPS tracking from the seller reported that it would arrive Friday....and I'm taking Friday off from work for some medical errands, UPS should show up before the first one...so that should be good. In fact, UPS showed up earlier than I expected. Caught me in the bathroom :oops:

Hmmm, initial setup requires a Windows computer...but that's just to pair it with my home wireless network, I guess I can do that on Zen. After that, I can just connect to its IP wherever it might be plugged in and manage it. And, I did give it a fixed IP in DHCP (there's no dynamic IPs on my network....)

And, it can access any shared drive on my network. So, I connect //ORAC/TARDIS to it and take a look at it. Looks good.

Stick it on my Roku....hmmm, that didn't work. It doesn't see it, try again...still doesn't see it. I know it was working because I had tried a USB memory stick (32GB) on it earlier this week. Wanted to make sure all the files from my handbrake would work natively.... :b

Go online to see if there's something special or what to make it work. Then I see that it does see it. Okay...guess I'm ready to try it. Oh...I see that one of the hits complains that the Roku is slow at seeing new USB devices. Probably didn't notice that before, because when I put the USB drive on...I didn't have the USB channel installed, and it was well hidden in the Channel Store. It is under 'Music', and not any other more likely choices or Featured....

So, I go to try and play the new file I got today....unsupported codec? I try playing the other file that I had already seen using the USB memory drive, that worked. Hmmm, :oops: I suppose it might work better if I wait for handbrake to finish. Guess, I'll write a blog post on this and then go watch....


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