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Gumby got a new drive


  05:40:36 pm, by The Dreamer   , 841 words  
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Gumby got a new drive

It isn't that new....in fact I had picked it up from a clearance table a couple months ago. But, it sure is tiny compared to what was sitting in its place before.

For sometime, the latest storage configuration was a pair 300GB firewire drives and a 1TB firewire drive connected to the box and its 160GB system drive. The 1TB drive broken into two partitions...1/3 & 2/3...the larger as MMCVideo storage and the smaller for local stuff. The 1TB replaced what was 3 300GB firewire drives, when one of the drives failed....and it was a total loss, but I had restored some 400GB from backuppc to recover.

I had kept the 2 remaining 300GB drives as a two set disk2disk backup of the system drive (with the help of Retrospect 6).

Well, the remaining two 300GB drives had started failing a few months back. One of them failed completely a couple months ago....prompting me to eventually buy a new drive.... But, the other 300GB drive continued to work more or less and I changed the backup schedule to only use that drive. It did lead to some bad crashes now and then, but apparently not enough to take it off.

This morning while I was looking at other things, including tweaking backuppc...and push some fulls now that I'm in a quiet period of system activity (gumby is now more of a TiVo Desktop machine than MMC, but its kind of a quiet period for new TV...even though I'm really behind on my watching, and could find that some recording didn't happen and then need to find somewhere to buy the show....)

But, I decided it was time to retire the other 300GB drive before something worse happened...and break out the 250GB drive I had purchased.

The 250GB drive is a Verbatim 2.5" USB only type....and it runs off of USB too, there's no other jacks on the drive than the mini-USB. It came bundled with some software installed on the drive. So, I thought about using both that software and my current Retrospect 6. But installing the Nero BackItUp and Burn turned out to be a waste of time. First it had 4 prerequisites that it needed to install first....and it required a reboot twice before it was ready to install itself.

When I fired it up, it asked if I wanted to register...but it couldn't register. Perhaps a bad sign, or that its just really old and unsupported. So, I went to "Activate Local Backups". Clicked on that to start...and boom! Lights out, computer is rebooting. Did it need a reboot after installing, it didn't ask... okay. Wait for everything to come back up, and try again. Boom, Lights out!...computer is rebooting again. Guess I'll uninstall it and stick with Retrospect. Had to reboot again after the uninstall.

But, I set up Retrospect and then kicked off the initial full backup, and left it do its weekday incrementals for....I have a recycle scheduled at 6 month intervals, but that might be more frequent that actually needed.

Thought before doing the initial full, I had to play around a little bit more with the new drive...I decided that I was going to change its name to fit my scheme (in fact have it take over the name of the first 300GB backup drive that had failed). And, I was trying to decide if I wanted to change the format.

It came formatted FAT32, and my previous backup drives were NTFS...though for Retrospect, I don't recall it mattering. Though had seen FAT32/exFAT perform faster than NTFS, and though again...probably not a huge deal for what I'm doing here. But, just for grins...I was going to try exFAT. And, NTFS & exFAT were the only choices for formatting from Explorer. Except that it would format exFAT. Went to "Computer Management" and the only option there was NTFS...which I went through with to see if it would work and whether then I could try Explorer again. So, now its NTFS and I still can't make it exFAT.

Tried to find out how to make it do exFAT, no luck....but found details on how to get around the 32GB limit and make it back into FAT32. So, that's what I opted to do...make it FAT32 and then go make that backup.

Meanwhile, I've been thinking of replacing the internal system drive with a pair of 2.5" drives in RAID1....and I might just buy a couple more of the clearance external drives and gut them to do it... :hmm: Wonder if I buy 2 or 3. When I did the conversion to a pair of 2.5" drives in RAID1 for box, it was buy 3 120GB 2.5" clearance drives....and as it happened, one was DOA. Guess they were 5400rpm drives, so don't think the drop in spindle speed has been an issue.

OTOH....I've been thinking of SSD'ng my laptop, and that would free a 160GB 2.5" drive (and I could swipe the 160GB 2.5" drive that I was using for TimeMachine backups of my work MacBookPro...which I haven't done, because work MBP hasn't been home in a very long time).... :hmm:

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Meanwhile, it seems the external drive that I’ve been doing Retrospect backups of TARDIS to has died….in a very noisy way.

Wonder if I care though….

06/18/11 @ 22:45
Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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