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I got a new chair, and a new keyboard tray.


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I got a new chair, and a new keyboard tray.

....the new keyboard tray.

I had an old 3M one that I had screwed into the bottom of the desk years ago....I didn't get the brackets quite perfect, so it was hard to adjust...plus there's a brace in the middle of the desk, and the rails smack into it... so it just never really fit right at all. And, in the last move...the movers yanked the tray off, which should've been really hard given the misalignment and tight fit. Perhaps that's when it became annoying...rather than always annoying.

It was tight on one side, but loose on the other side...and it was annoying, because the whole tray would rattle as I type on it.

Because my new computer is so much quieter than my old one...I started noticing other noises in my living room that I'm sure had always been there, but I just didn't notice before.

And, the tray rattle was getting more and more annoying. I could hit the tray and sometimes it would quiet down for a bit...but it really needed to go away.

And, because I was working from home due to weather the week I got the new chair...it finally moved up to where I should do something about it. Was IM'ng with the boss, and he said that I do have the Amazon Prime.... And, since the new chair ended up being so much less than what I had budgeted. I poked around on staples.com and amazon.com for a new keyboard tray/drawer.

I considered a desktop one, though that'll require changing what's on my desk now, and wasn't sure how that would effect things. It would cause a monitor to be on top of it...but I'm running dual display.... I looked at a different underdesk one....would have to be something that mounted differently....so hopefully it would go on better and not be in collision with the old screw holes. Or some solution that didn't require me to screw into my desk and require perfect alignment and other skills that I won't admit to lacking.

There were two possibilities... One involved a tension pole that goes under the desk and the keyboard sticks out from it, and the other was the DeskReady solution that clamps to desk edge.

The tension pole seemed the way to go, because I would prefer to not lose edge area, etc. of my desk. I have a sheetfed scanner on one side. As it happens, the clamp did land in front of it, but it ended up not being in the way.

Reading reviews of the deskready, it warned to measure....and that reminded me of the brace along the middle of my desk. Dimensions seemed to suggest that the DeskReady was going to butt into the brace, but just. As it turns out the rails to extend the full distance...it just means I can't push the drawer completely under my desk....but its always out, so that's wasn't a problem.

But, the tension pole option...in the pictured setup...it would be behind the brace but somehow the keyboard tray on a post that comes out from it...well, the brace would force the tray lower than I want, though reading a bit, seemed to suggest that it could be off to the side and forward and other possibilities. But, in the end I decided that it wouldn't work along with my clutter and current desk/configuration.

I probably should've measured the other dimensions of the keyboard drawer, because it was wider than I expected and that put one of the clamps in front of my scanner. Though I guess I should've thought of it, because instead of the 3M drawer where the mouse area slides out from under the drawer ... this drawer has the mouse area inside of it.

But, its all working great now.

I put a little bit higher than the old tray was at, and adjusted my chair to a more comfortable height and stuff. The armrests still don't clear under it, etc. But, maybe they never were supposed to. The old task chair had non-adjustable arms...and they weren't padded. Not sure about the headrest though...guess I'm not ever gonna be a manager.

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