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I got another Lasko 52" Oscillating Pedestal Fan


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I got another Lasko 52" Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000RMJANY

I bought the first one of these almost 2 years ago....I probably should've bought it in the first place.

A few weeks ago, there was an overnight thunderstorm and powerblip. Later I noticed my Oreck XL Air Purifier was angry, it gets that way now and then after a nasty blip...but looks like this was the last time it would take one. I had been thinking of getting some new air purifiers anyways, guess it is time. Though I wasn't really ready to get one for this location (Computer Room). Of higher consideration was one for bedroom, TARDIS corner or Kitchen Hallway (thinking something wall mount in the vicinity over where my trash can is...)....TARDIS corner was the one that needed something more, because there wasn't anything there at the moment. At least I have the old Surround Air in the kitchen or an undersized Kenmore by the bedroom.

A few days later, I discovered the tower fan in the 'Computer Room' had stopped working. Well, it was a cheap one that I had picked up from Wal-Mart when I had first moved here...almost 5 years ago. I don't think the blip got it, more like the plastic gearing in it has worn out.

I thought maybe I could knock two off with one, and get a tower air cleaner to replace both....so what I got via Amazon Prime was the Bionaire BAP1525RCW-U PERMAtech Tower Air Purifier with Remote Control. Probably an okay air purifier, though inconsistent with what I've been getting lately...and it is rather noisy and doesn't move much air around...so, I'm still going to want a fan.

I did consider moving it to TARDIS corner, but there was another problem with this Tower Air Purifier....it was shorter than my old tower fan so even if it could delivery the air volume to be a fan, it didn't have the height. OTOH, it was taller than I had room for in TARDIS corner....

Shortly after this, I received an email from RichardSolo.com....their Electrostatic Air Purifier was on sale for $99 'til about Father's Day. I had looked at getting one of these at one time years ago, but that need went away and I forgot all about it. But, it seems to work well tucked into TARDIS corner....so guess I got that 'priority' taken care of. Only just put it into service today, so haven't had time to experience much else with it. Though I'm thinking I'd like to get a second one....to replace the Brookstone ESP Air Purifier that I use at work...which had become intermittent in operation some time ago. The Brookstone ESP Air Purifier was like $99 when I got it....so that would seem right. Perhaps it'll be on sale again at a later date.

While I was waiting for the Electrostatic Air Purifier from RichardSolo.com to arrive...I turned back to Amazon Prime to address still needing a fan. Looking over tower fans, it became pretty clear that it was going to be another Lasko...in fact narrowed down to 3 choices...two of which I had purchased previously. Decided on the 52" Pedestal one, because it was the cheaper of the 3...and I depend on the one I got 2 years ago...so having a 'spare' would be a good thing, too.

At full height, it is quite tall compared to what I had here and taller than I need for this location....though its the height I use in the bedroom. Guess I'll adjust it later.

The sad thing was that the day after put in the order, the replace filter light on the Winix 9000 Air. And, I don't think I thought to have a spare on hand. I guess I thought I'd have more time...but checking my blog, I see it is over 1 year old. So, that's in my cart for next time....

And, maybe I'll just have to go with buying a new UV light for the Surround Air, and keep it in service a little while longer.

Meanwhile, it is also nearly time to replace some other filters....the charcoal filter in the range hood and the 3M Filtrete 1900 MPR in the Furnace....

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