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I guess it was time to replace my WRT54GS routers


  02:49:29 pm, by The Dreamer   , 930 words  
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I guess it was time to replace my WRT54GS routers

Link: http://www.amazon.com/Buffalo-Technology-AirStation-Wireless-WHR-HP-GN/dp/B002WBV37Y/

Now, we come to this morning....I didn't want to get up...but I looked at my work phone, and it was acting weird. I then notice an SMS saying that my DSL connection is down. Could be a problem....since I had gone DSL centric after the recent Cox outage. I balanced things out, even though DSL was still not working yet.

I tried rebooting the 'dsl' router a few times....along with the dsl modem...but it wasn't responding on the network (though the lights looked right). Somehow it seems to have bricked itself for its weekly reboot.

I hard reset it, and it came back....but the server that I used to do configuration management and backups with had long ago died, so there were no automatic backups...and I never got around to setting up manual or otherwise on another server. So, it was pretty much revert back to just after the September 2010 incident. And, again there had been enough config changes that it was bad (namely the lhaven server going away and functions being spread among box and orac....plus tor.)

Faced with all this work...I decided that maybe it was time to dig out one of the WHR-HP-GN routers and set it up to replace my 'dsl' router.

So, I did.... Did initial config using a laptop and no WAN connection, and seemed to get stuck on some of the configs...namely QoS....wouldn't let me turn it on. But, after I put it place of the 'dsl' WRT54GS, and connected it to my DSL modem....it would turn on.

dd-wrt's QoS isn't like Sveasoft....which is a problem...since I had a combination of port and IP based QoS before, and dd-wrt would only do l7proto, though could set kbps for some IPs. So, I guess I'll set bandwidth for my Broadvoice ATA, and hope l7proto takes care of the rest....even though some of the protocols that I run don't fit ones it knows about, and used to be marked as 'bulk'...now aren't marked at all. And, can't really tell if its doing anything for anything else.

Speedtesting with QoS on...is horrible....getting like <1Mbps down, and ~100kbps up....on what should be 6Mbps down/768kbps up. Turning QoS off...improves things....about 5M/600k....what I would expect to see with QoS on...and was about what I got before. But, I've decided...no going back. Perhaps some other firmware is in order, and some other router in the future.... But, at least things are working again...

Continuing on...I went ahead and replaced the 'cable' router as well. Mainly to see if I could QoS back on. I did a quick speedtest...got about 6Mbps/1.5Mbps....that's far away from 15Mbps/1.5Mbps (or 18Mbps/2Mbps with powerboost)...but acceptable. Latency is also way up with QoS.

Things that are concurrent on the connection don't suffer as bad with QoS on....so its doing something. Just not giving me everything when there isn't contention.

So, what new router and firmware should I get next?

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Found a newer build of dd-wrt, and performance seems to be somewhat better now.

Newer build also has tcp congestion control, which seems interesting…given that I don’t do VoIP on cable, ATM. It might be okay to with without QoS, though don’t have any IVS transfers going on right now…so that might change things.

But, did some quick speedtests..and the numbers were way beyond what I should get….suspect ISP compression is skewing things…like 22M/8M….

Left QoS enabled on DSL though….but got down that was better than before (though still less than without QoS)…up was still kind of low…but I didn’t go over to other computer to stop a transfer on there.

Meanwhile…while browsing routers on Amazon…apparently I accidentally clicked 1-click buy on something…instead of add to wishlist, and I didn’t even notice the different screen. Or maybe its the annoying Amazon Toolbar that bit me….hate that when I type a search in there, it puts the result into the tab that I’m on….plus it starting to suggest results made it hard to see what I was typing into the search box.

11/13/11 @ 16:21
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