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I had a Spinal Tap


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I had a Spinal Tap

Well, April 29, 2011 came...and so, I decided to quickly type some notes on things to ask at the appointment into my phone...and then rush to get there. I had written down that the appointment was at 11:30...but somehow I got the idea in my head that it was at 11, and I was going to be a little late for it. But, I guess I had it right. These last few months it had been getting harder and harder to make morning appointments on time.

So, I had my appointment... Mirapex for my RLS wasn't agreeing with me....apparently, I was experiencing some of the uncommon side effects. The difficulty breathing interfering with my cpap usage was particularly annoying. So, he switched to having me try Ropinirole and then we went to looking at my MRI results, and we revisited my Lunesta/Provigil use. In previous appointment, he had suggested maybe Nuvigil or perhaps the older medications like Ritalin. Settled on increasing my Lunesta from 1mg to 2mg, and switching me to Ritalin SR 20mg. During this he mentioned that he had reviewed my MSLT data and there were some short periods of SOREMs, but shortly after onset, I had dropped my jaw. Perhaps that explains why I felt that I had fallen asleep must faster than they had original said, and that I felt like something had woken me up and then I had gone back to sleep later during the nap. Also does match that early on I had associate episodes of HH during the night with waking up with my mouth open. Though I haven't experienced that in some time. Though in the last month, my large leak number has gone up.... Though I associate that will pillow problems (and it was the pillow that I was using in my MSLT).

Maybe I shouldn't have had spinal tap up near the top of my list....though my experience with other doctors is that I rarely get past the first 2 questions... With this doctor, I was able to get through all 6.

The 4th prescription I left with was for Nadolol for my hand tremor problem. I was originally seeing a neurologist about this in Ohio....and I had started out on Propranolol, but after some visits...it got switched to Nadolol, though I'm not sure why....I thought I was doing fine on the Propranolol. But, he did keep checking my BP throughout that appointment. Wonder now that my BP tends to always on the high side if I should go back? Guess too late now.

I did ask about the January 2010 EEG results, but it wasn't something he on file at the office and would need to be requested from Mercy Regional Health Center (where the EEG had been performed) and was something to do when I was checking out. But, in the busyness of all the things I was doing then, it got forgot. I was also to do my co-pay then...but I had walked out of the building a few steps when I remember that and turned back to pay it. But, I didn't remember to ask about the EEG results until I was on my way to EOF (& after 5pm). But, what did get done while checking out was to get an appointment for a Lumbar Puncture.

Strange that during this time, I was hearing them talk that they can't get LPs for MS testing and doctor said something like 'what have I been getting from them for the last 30 years?' He then asked if they could do the specific tests for MS testing, and they could do all but one...but said those tests were enough, he'll just note not to ask for the last test in the future. Then, I got my LP scheduled for May 5th, 2011.

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

OMG, if I had known the side effects of a spinal tap were going to hurt so much….I’m not sure I would’ve continued with it, especially since I had gotten a diagnosis from a different doctor a few days before it.

05/08/11 @ 13:39
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