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I had a Spinal Tap


  04:31:38 pm, by The Dreamer   , 3581 words  
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I had a Spinal Tap

When I got home, I was still feeling okay. I heated up something for supper and watching a little television, and drank a lot of fluid. Then my back started to hurt.... Had read that back pain is also possible from a spinal tap. So, around 5:30pm, I laid down for a little rest.

When I woke, I found it to be a little after 8:30pm....shoot, I'm missing the N chat on TalkAboutSleep.com. I rush over to a computer, but find that there's no chat taking place. But, there was somebody there for her first time, so we chatted way past the normal scheduled time...until I finally crashed.

I got up a bunch of times to go...and then woke around 8:30am...and have mainly been drinking fluids, though I did heat up some food around 11am...and been snacking away for the last couple of hours....and some on and off again resting, as my back is a bit sore. There's a sensation of fullness around my eyes and ears....but that's probably not the spinal headache people talk about....so guess I'm doing okay so far.

Been drinking so much lately, that I've depleted my supply of distilled water, so I'm running a new pot during the day (the fan noise bothers me, so normally I only run it when I'm at work or sleeping).

But, it does look like its time to finally turn on the ice maker again. I don't use much ice, and not using ice often results it turning into a big unusable chunk under the ice maker. So, I had shut it off during the winter. And, I guess I hoped that the ugly chunk of ice would evaporate on its own. But, I had to chisel some of it off just now....so I then chiseled the rest out into the sink and turned the ice maker back on it. Wonder how long before I have ice again...and for it to flush the stale water through.

Well, hopefully there won't be any complications or further discomfort and I'll be back at work on Monday... and sometime soon I'll get the good/bad news I'm expecting....

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

OMG, if I had known the side effects of a spinal tap were going to hurt so much….I’m not sure I would’ve continued with it, especially since I had gotten a diagnosis from a different doctor a few days before it.

05/08/11 @ 13:39
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