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I have my own YOURLS


  03:39:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 770 words  
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I have my own YOURLS

Link: http://lkc.me/yourls

A while back I saw that my initials were available in the .me domain...and I had always wanted to get my intials.

Though, its kind of a pain switching domains and stuff. Was bad enough going from the old URL for this blog to the current one, and I haven't moved any of my email addresses from the old domain (have created some new ones on this domain though).

But, I snapped up the domain name anyways....because I had envisioned that some day I would migrate off of the old 'chen-online.net' domain. I had gotten it before I knew that domains with dashes are associated with spammers, and often get blocked on the sole basis that there's a dash in the domain name. Though, making the decision to change my blog's URL from 'lawrence.chen-online.net' to 'lawrencechen.net' was kind of a no-brainer to me.

Didn't find that out until I pushed hard on why there were a couple of blogs where I left lots of comments on, but they never seemed to clear moderation. One site admin said explained this to me, the other's was using a hosted solution and never saw my posts come in for moderation...and didn't know why. Seemed odd though since they were hosting for an official site under the domain of where I work....could just be everybody likes to type as little as possible so they just haven't run into the email address filter....

Anyways....I didn't have any plan on what I would do web-wise with the domain. And, while I do have Adsense, I'm not sure what kind of ads they would throw up for my initials and whether it would all be appropriate or not (if only to me). Plus I may yet decide to use it for something...someday.

But, then while I was sleeping last night...the idea came to me that 'lkc.me' is pretty short URL, wonder if I could set up my own, private URL shortening service.

This morning I did a quick google search on what's out there....found a matrix that somebody had compiled....quickly decided that it needed to be standalone, private, custom URL capable.

That resulted in only one choice. YOURLS :cool:

And, that's what I did....


Hardest part was deciding on a mysql database to create on Dreamhost to point it at, the need to be globally unique for all of Dreamhost makes things a bit harder now. Hopefully my existing databases won't need to get bumped, though some use the default name so...hmmm. ANd, making the mysql.lkc.me domain name. Sure I could've used one of my other mysql aliases, but like to keep things all together. Plus in the past, not all my databases were on the same mysql server. Though I later clicked a button on the web interface to bring them all back together.

And, then a hiccup because I didn't want it to be my main site so I used the FAQ recommendation of /s (or /x)...but didn't realize that meant /s was part of the shortened url now, etc. So, reinstall it back at the top. Yeah, it doesn't have an index page at the top, so whatever I did put would work there. Though might need some work to make b2evolution's .htaccess get along with yourls' .htaccess....is the stuff path info into blog or a shortened URL token? Assuming I install b2evolution on lkc.me

Someday I need to upgrade my two b2evolution sites to the latest software....and I don't really see a need for a 2nd personal blog or anything. And, its still just me here.

Plus I think the next web package I deploy will be associated with reinventing 'lhaven.net'. Especially since its now a bit more expensive being at 1and1, and its because they've upgraded their web service....to better availability. But, these days, 'lhaven.net' is mainly an email domain for me. Actually, it pretty much started out that way...grew to be web, but now has wanned (largely because the phpBB extracts too much spam -- so I removed it, and I moved to 1and1 because the previous provider kept getting compromised and had a strange idea what daily backups meant -- RAID1 does not equal daily backups, especially if you yank the wrong drive...I didn't have any personal backups of the photoblog software I had put on it, and their offsite was very old). Was a weird situation, give that that previous hosting company was apparently founded by photographers looking to use web for their images and content.

And, that's kind of what I had envisioned 'lhaven.net' for.....this was of course, before facebook, twitter, picasa, etc.

So much stuff....so little time.... :yawn:

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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