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I jumped into a new Thunderbird profile....for nothing?


  09:52:41 pm, by The Dreamer   , 860 words  
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I jumped into a new Thunderbird profile....for nothing?

Next morning...I went to using email. It did seem a bit more responsive, but I still had the not loading images problem. This is annoying. I'm also missing most of my extensions. MR Tech Toolkit got disabled in the switch, get it wasn't compatible and guess it had some magic hook to make itself continue working when I had upgraded in the past. And, it was what I needed to make other add-ons work. Though I found a different add-on to disable compatibility checking and go on from there.

I then stumbled across a google result that suggested that the missing images might be a firewall problem. Well, I don't do that at home, oh wait...I'm doing that on Zen, because it came pre-installed with Norton Internet Security....and its doing the firewall. It just isn't that annoying because, I also turned off UAC.

Well, I tried disabling it...and it didn't work right away...but later I saw the emails start coming in....so I poked around some more and restarted thunderbird, and now it seems that images do appear. They might take a while, but they usually do show up. Probably still some kind of connection resource problem in Thunderbird. The big one being the recently, taking forever to send emails....some times. Just forever at the connecting stage.

But, so far so good....I guess. Wonder if I want to switch back to default or if that's really important? Wonder if I should free up the space. Wonder... Wonder.... Wonder...

Guess as long as things basically keep working...I'll just go with it.

Though wonder if Thunderbird 5.0 will be a step I take (when does 5.0.2 come out?) Or is it time to find something else?

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

The other problem I’ve found from making the profile jump, is that spam data didn’t seem to make. And, I have to retrain the thunderbird spam checking. And, right now its all about everything is spam until I keep telling it otherwise (even if its just a message that I glance at quickly and delete each day…)

Explains why I didn’t recall getting the Monday Specials email from Papa John’s….

07/12/11 @ 07:53
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