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I nearly died 3 times this week...so far....


  10:37:12 pm, by The Dreamer   , 1056 words  
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I nearly died 3 times this week...so far....

Wednesday...the open box TR5M-BP arrived from NewEgg. Did a quick inspection when it arrived, and the main thing I noticed was the CD was missing. Which wasn't a problem, since I had downloaded the software in preparation for its arrival.

I switched the SIL3132 adapter (that had come with a TR5M-B) for the RR622 adapter that came with this, and uninstall the old SIL3132 software. Did the software uninstall, but getting the driver out was a problem, also there was still the control panel piece and a couple of services running for it. I tried removing by force....like delete left over bits, remove the service using 'sc', etc. And, then I rebooted....and it didn't. It tried to recover itself, but failed and then rebooted to the HP Recovery Manager. Well, I did do this right after Windows Image Backup had finished earlier in the day. Though there were a couple of extra restore options this time, so I tried restoring to an earlier restore point.

That got me back up, except I was back to just after I had installed the RR622 and needing to install its driver and its software, and get the SIL3132 software out of the way. Once again....reboot and fail.

Though this time the autorecovery was able to get things straightened out...and put me back to just after I had installed the RR622 the first time. Did some google searching on how else to get the driver uninstall.... invoked devmgmt with special environment variable and removed stuff there. Changed the Silicon Image service from Automatic to Disabled, guess I'll just learn to ignore the control panel app...and this time things rebooted ok. Kind of annoyed it left so much crap on my computer though. :##

Hooked up the Sans Digital TR2UT-B and left it there. Putting the TR5M-BP on will be a later project....perhaps when I come to have some drives to put into it. Not sure when that'll be, and what drives I'll get.

2TB drives are cheaper than 1.5TB drives....so turning current 1.5TB RAID1 into 4 or 5 RAID5? might not be the way to go. Also the mix match of drives isn't the case any more. The 1TB RAID1 that I was going to combine with this is now the NFS share that I do Time Machine backups of my work MacBookPro to (not sure if I'll write anything more on that, now.)...though another option is to get 4 2TB drives and cycle them through for the 2 1.5TB RAID arrays on ORAC....though not sure that's the way I want to add storage to ORAC (another post I still need to do....)

Oh well...

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Maybe on the weekend, if I’m feeling better…I might break the TR2UT-B’s hardware mirror, and have the RR622 see the drive directly and stuff.

Also kind of curious about its OCE/OLRM capabilities.

Too bad the extra 1.5 TB drive is now on TARDIS.

07/07/11 @ 22:57
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