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I went to a Narcolepsy Network Conference in Las Vegas #NN2011


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I went to a Narcolepsy Network Conference in Las Vegas #NN2011

Anyways...between being a "First Timer" and Tracy having told people to look for me...I found it hard to be alone for too long at the conference. Which was kind of annoying since I didn't know if I really belonged there. Though I heard from docs that said continuing EDS after sleep apnea management is Narcolepsy, and other's say Idiopathic Hypersomnia is Narcolepsy...just a question of how far the doctor got before giving up. And, about the kind of things people went through before they had any diagnosis (which makes me wonder when did things really all start to go wrong.) Most people say onset traces back to childhood, met people that said they were initially add/adhd/dreamer in elementary school and some that would fly into these rages for seemly no reason. Hmm, that sounds like grade 5/6 for me. But, I still don't know why its considered a bad thing to have dreams.

Later, Saturday night at the 25th...featured dinner group signups and such and later game night. I didn't know anybody, but I picked a group that seemed fairly big and seemed like an interesting place to try. It was a nice supper....despite a late start...and getting back late. So, there was already a group of people playing games when we got back to the Hospitality suite....so we took some of the board games that were available and found somewhere else to play "Balderdash".

That turned out to be amazing fun... And, it was so strange to discover that I was laughing...and really laughing. My face felt funny, but I kept laughing anyways and nobody made fun of me laughing. Been like 20-25 years since I had laughed like that (people in high school can be mean.) I started to feel sense of belonging ... the only other place I've felt anything close to it...is at a Doctor Who convention...but this was way more than that....

Now I was starting to think that maybe there might be future NN Conferences in my life. Later on Sunday, it was announced that the next NN Conference would be in Las Vegas at the Stratosphere...the dates given were slightly wrong (because somebody at my table was getting married that weekend), but close enough.

After the conference on TalkAboutSleep.com, there was talk to Tracy would make it this time...so maybe I would get to meet her finally.

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