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I went to a Narcolepsy Network Conference in Las Vegas #NN2011


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I went to a Narcolepsy Network Conference in Las Vegas #NN2011

So, I had envisioned that I would do some kind of big write about about my experience at the 26th NN Conference in Las Vegas....but....procrastination has eliminated most of my memories of the event, other than it being another very positive one and that I'm looking forward to the 27th one in Cleveland.

But, I suppose I should think of some of the highlights that stand out before I hit publish.


Well, this year's conference being the 25th anniversary of the Narcolepsy Network. There was an extra day to the conference, and the focus was more about support. But, I only booked the usual amount of conference weekend time off from work. Which was probably good, because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to take in the ADA Awareness training that was offered at work. Though I did get to the benefits expo this year, because the second full weekend in October came later than the second thursday in October. Where...I was able to get information to really give a hard look at whether switching to Plan C might make sense for somebody like me...and not the usual description that its only for the super healthy. For some reason they always say plans with high deductibles are only for people that don't need to use their insurance much (though it seems like it should be the opposite to me, since wouldn't infrequent users will want insurance to pay for stuff sooner)....and for people that have health issues...the deciding factor is more about reducing out of pocket. And, the plan with the higher deductible has a lower out of pocket maximum than the plans with lower deductibles.... Around mid-December 2010, I hit the co-insurance maximum for the health part...the first time I had ever experienced that (still a long way to go on the prescription drug part). This year....unless I have an accident again, probably not going to hit the health co-insurance max. But, I may get really close to reaching it for the prescription drug part. Plan C, considers health and prescriptions together....so while it'll probably be really painful getting prescriptions filled at the start of the year....

Anyhoo....I still had me flying in Thursday and back Monday....but the conference program started Thursday night instead of Friday night....so at first it looked like I would be cutting it really close to getting in for the start.

But, later in the usual airline tweak to my schedule, as penalty for booking my flight so far in advance....they had my connection from DFW to LAS later. And, to top things off, for some reason I failed to realize that Las Vegas is in the Pacific time zone, not Mountain. Don't know why I've always thought it was. Though it wasn't so much that it impacted my NN Conference time..but that it made me wish that I had flown in a day earlier to better cope with the time change. Even though it can take me months to adjust to DST coming and going...let alone other travel events.

Anyways...I arrived after 4pm on Thursday...and it took forever for the shuttle to wind its way to the Stratosphere...so there was no making the welcome reception at 5pm. So, I showed up to at least get my registration materials and try to find out if anybody was doing supper. There were signup sheets, but they were for before the welcome reception and they were blank. And, there weren't any for afterwards...even though I had asked about this.

I just hung around reconnecting with various old friends and new friends. Surprised when Nicole Jeray picked me out of the crowd, etc. Though later I found out that I had made myself part of an elite group by being one of the few that pledged money for each birdie she made on the LPGA/LPGA Futures tour this year to Narcolepsy Network....

Eventually, I found people and went to Fellini's and joined a bunch of other people I didn't yet know. But, got to know during the conference and now miss....

Stayed pretty late there...eventually called it a night, because I hadn't done any unpacking or settling into my room yet...beyond making sure that I had all my CPAP stuff there... So, I intended to do that and try to get extra sleep before the conference went full swing. Found out that its a really good thing that I travel with a power strip with a 15' cord on it....just enough to reach the only open outlet in the place (and there was already something unplugged on the floor next to it.) And, I discovered that my travel electric toothbrush was nonfunctional. Really strange using manual toothbrush, kept saying I would go out and find a new electric, but never did.... Also I got a really noisy neighbor that stayed up late and got up early.

Next morning I found myself up at 5am Pacific time (7am Central)...so normal wake up time if I were back home. And, not much to do but wander around and meet familiar faces and such also wandering around trying to figure out when and where breakfast was. Namely that it wasn't at 7:30am as originally given on the website, but rather it was 8am. And, there wasn't anything in hotel signage as to where Showroom was....eventually, I gave in and asked somebody at the hotel....

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