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I went to a Narcolepsy Network Conference in Las Vegas #NN2011


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I went to a Narcolepsy Network Conference in Las Vegas #NN2011

Oh yeah, I remember why supper on Thursday started so late now....I first ended up hanging out past 7pm in the Founder's Suite for the reception, and then they were working on kicking us out because on the schedule they had "Support Group Facilitator Training" from 7-8pm. So eventually, I went down to the Hospitality suite waiting for that to be over and see about going to supper with people.... Whatever that was ran long.

Don't know if it would've been interesting....sure would be nice if there was a support group around here, but I don't see myself being the facilitator of such (unless students were to try to form such a group on campus, and needed a faculty person to attach to...)

This year's schedule was hard to figure out....had to largely infer what would be interesting to me based solely on the title of the session in a given time slot. So, in the first session, it was probably between "Clinical Development of Nuvigil with Charles Altman" or "NN Today and Tomorrow with Eveline Honig and Tricia Higgins"....I went to the latter. Partly because it was confusing going up to the tower and getting to the desired floor, etc. Also the part where they run double decker elevators in the tower was interesting. It was easier to get to 103, where there was only one room in use...rather than 104 where there were 3 rooms in use...I wasn't sure about stairs between the two floors, and I was starting to have really bad Veritgo.

Though later on in the conference, I would use the stairs to get between 103 and 104 when needed.

After that first session, back down to Showroom for lunch...and then back up to the tower....again 103. For "Writing + Blogging Roundtable with Julie Flygare". And, then up to 104 for "Narcolepsy Q&A with Dr. Thorpy". And, then I went down to check out the silent auction and nap....while trying to figure out the dinner group signups, or the lack of notice or information on where they were, and not finding any names signed up for anything.

Oh yeah..somewhere before breakfast, I did find somewhere to pass on the item I had brought in for the silent auction....a Mini-Edge Papillow.

Well, as I waited to figure out what supper would be...a group of people decided that they were just going to go off to Fellini's....since I had been there the night before, I wanted to do something different...so I hung out to see if anybody else would show up. Later, I saw Dr. Naiman and a few other people, including some that I had met during supper on Friday...they asked if I wanted to join them, so I went with them....to Ocho's across the street. That turned out to be a great meal. And, a good time talking....

And afterwards, some of us got ice cream cones :b

And, then it was to see what the "Cirque du Sommeil (Sleep) Part 1, Connection" in the Founders suite was about. Apparently, what was intended, I probably wouldn't have liked that much...but what it turned into was a very nice evening talk and hearing about our lives. Largely due to the distraction of a baby :>>

Eventually, it got late...and I decided to call it a night to try to get better sleep before Saturday...

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