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I went to a Narcolepsy Network Conference in Las Vegas #NN2011


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I went to a Narcolepsy Network Conference in Las Vegas #NN2011

Well, I ended up getting up around 5am again...and decided to not bother with trying to get anymore z's.

So for Saturday....after breakfast.

Oh yeah...during my first breakfast on Friday...because I had been doing the no caffeine thing, I tried to get tea. There was hot water, but no tea...eventually they found some tea, but I ended up not having herbal tea....after that I decided it was just easier to have decaf coffee... and what the hotel was serving was pretty good decaf coffee.

So after breakfast on Saturday...I was off to 103...for "Nightmares: A Path to Healing with Dr. Naiman". and then 104 for "Performing Your Narcolepsy: Methods of Gaining Mastery"...which I could probably have done without, had I know what it was about. Just not into being touched or touching other people....

Then, "Lunch with Membership Meeting" and then the afternoon sessions. Back up to 104 for "Tips for Wakefulness with Ann Austin", and then 103 for "To Sleep Tonight; First Aid for Insomnia with Dr. Naiman"....though next day during breakfast, I heard that "Support Group for Professionals with Narcolepsy" would've been something interesting. Didn't know it was about PWNs that work in professions....

And, then I no last session...as I visited the Founder's suite and then my room to try doing some napping...

Oh yeah...something annoying happened on Saturday of the conference. Normally when I stay in a hotel, I don't have housekeeping come in....so I leave my CPAP out and ready all the time. Friday night, there was a message waiting light...because housekeeping had left a message saying when can they come in and clean. I said it wasn't needed, but they wouldn't clear the message waiting light...so I had put a pillow over the phone.

Well, when I came in for Saturday for nap time...I found my "Do Not Disturb" sign was gone (moved inside) and they had cleaned my room. Though left things basically where they were, except made the bed under the stuff that I had left on it.... The flashing message waiting light was a repeat for Sunday night....

Again things were confusing with Dinner breaks...and fewer people around....but eventually, found a few people and went to Roxy's for supper. And, then it was wandering around waiting for the Hospitality suite to open....

Where, I stayed up really late....like to about 2am. Not as wonderful as last year's Saturday night, but it was still a good time. I slept to short of 6am (the only red mark on my recent CPAP compliance download...think the last time was last year's conference...)...and then off to breakfast.

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