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It is July 1, time to replace filters....


  08:50:03 am, by The Dreamer   , 547 words  
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It is July 1, time to replace filters....

Though I probably won't get around to it until Sunday or Monday of the long weekend.

Plus I need to buy some of the filters, and they won't come until later this month....

But, one of the filters up for definite replacement (other than the furnace one) is the charcoal filter in my microwave/range hood unit. It has a listed part number of R0131463, and I was able to procure some online....I got 3 at the time. (seemed a reasonable number to start with, since i felt I was taking a risk ordering online and keep the total order under $50...plus I didn't know if it would be easy or hard to do....) I wasn't sure I really needed to replace these annually like it suggested. And, I didn't replace for the first time until about 24 months. But, I figured that I should shoot for 18 months. Though my stove usage has been increasing, and will probably take off if I ever get around to replacing it (its the only remaining kitchen appliance that was old when started the lease to buy process.)

So, moved in Summer 2006, replaced first time Summer 2008 (~24), then Jan 2010 (~18), so now Jul 2011 (~18).... :cool:

I didn't really pay attention to whether I would still be able to find the part in the future, until recently...as I draw up on the last one.

But, new search wasn't going well....part kept coming up discontinued....well, the date stamp on the Microwave is September 2005. I guess they think its time I bought a new one :??: Though I did come across a few places that said to try W10190762A instead. So, I got to take a change again? It is my intent to buy a few more than last time....though not sure if few more is like to get 5 or 10. If I was more sure, I'd probably have done 10.

Anyways...I searched and searched...to find somewhere online that had a reasonable price and offered useful shipping (ie: not UPS). Wasn't the cheapest, but less than the more expensive sites (though some did offer free shipping, and at the quantity I desired, I could probably qualify either with 10 or a bit more than 10). Though flat rate FedEx ground is good/better. Another did offer USPS as a cheaper way than their normal FedEx options.

Just before I hit the order button though, I wanted a bit more reassurance that I was getting the right item....so I looked at pictures to guess what its size was (most sites either had nothing, and some did offer a picture of filter on a grid. Google eventually turned up measurements. I then measured the one remaining unused filter and it seemed to match. More importantly, the package had W10190762 printed on it (no mention of the R0131463 p/n)....maybe if I had looked at it sooner, it wouldn't have taken this long to search for more filters :**:

So I ordered 5. As I was entering the transaction into Quicken....it completed the payee information on me. Heh, I'm ordering these 5 new filters from the same place that I previously ordered the 3. &#59;D

Oh well....time I got ready for work....maybe I should've taken today off as my floating holiday.... Also wish I had made more definite plans to travel this long weekend....such as attend Convergence or some other convention this long weekend.


Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

So, I almost forgot the reason why I found myself looking at replacement Charcoal filters….which I wasn’t planning to purchase until later in the year (or next year)…closer to when I would need the next one.

I was looking for a new filter for my Winix 9000…looking at when I would need to order one for $99 via Amazon Prime to arrive at the same time as the TR5M-BP that’s coming from NewEgg (tracking number showed up this morning and got the ETA from UPS….) Found out that I would need to order in like the next 9 or so hours to make that happen.

But, while I was looking for the Charcoal filter, I happened to search for the Winix filter in Google as well. And, found that Walgreens.com has it on sale at $25 off. I’ve never ordered from them before…so I thought at first about coming back later and browsing for more stuff to order. But, didn’t want to risk forgetting to get the filter at the $25 off price. So I got just the filter (only need $25 to get free shipping…) Though I don’t know when or how it’ll show up. But, saving money is a good enough reason for some (hopefully) minor inconvenience when it comes to receiving it.

And, who knows there might be future purchases from Walgreens.com if things go well. After all, buying from them means I get 2.8% for Sunflower CASA. Better than the anonymous 0.8% from Amazon.com. OTOH, that’s not quite as good as the 4% that I get with my current drugstore.com purchasing…so it probably won’t replace any of my current online shopping places. Even though the odd thing is…didn’t Walgreens buy drugstore.com?

07/01/11 @ 16:31
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Good thing I didn’t depend on getting the filters to do the replacement this month….occurred to me last night that I didn’t recall ever receiving the charcoal filters I had ordered.

Emailed to find out, and was informed that the filters are still on back order.

Which is strange, because the order confirmation said the filters were in stock and they had contacted me in the between time to say that they were on back order.

Wonder when I should order the other parts I’ve been thinking of getting….

07/20/11 @ 15:08
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