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Kindle Fire -- the first 72 hours


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Kindle Fire -- the first 72 hours

Well, it's been just a touch over 72 hours since I got my Amazon Kindle Fire.

I pre-ordered it shortly after it was announced, with an ETA for November 17th with free 2-day Amazon Prime shipping. I knew there was a chance that they should ship early, because they did that the last time I pre-ordered something (The Kindle 2 and the Nintendo 3DS). But, its been a busy week...and I tried my best to keep my calendar open to receive it....I had an appointment pre-Kindle Fire announcement on the 14th, and I was keeping the 15th open for something that was later scheduled in conflict to the 14th....and ended up having an appointment on the 16th. If I had some notice from Amazon just before they shipped to adjust its timing...I might've...since the 15th being open now...I could've gotten it then. Instead I had to wait for UPS to make a redelivery attempt and bring it to me on the originally scheduled day... November 17th.

I didn't open it immediately when UPS gave it to me, in fact I put it down first and then had to find it before I could open it. It was easy to open...no info with it, but I eventually found the power button and it eventually booted and walked me through setup...though complicated by the fact that I needed to know its MAC address to add it to my radius and dhcp server configs. Plus I hadn't decided on an IP for it yet. Fortunately with radius access controls, its easier to find the MAC address of new devices than before.

It came pre-activated, in fact I had seen it in my kindle account before they shipped it (but no serial number was associated with the registration yet)...but I changed its name to follow the naming scheme I had gone with (if you can call only one previous device the basis of a scheme)...though I am tempted to get a Kindle Touch 3G to succeed my Kindle 2....though wonder if they're going to come out with a DX version? What I liked was that my Kindle Fire's email address was my first Kindle's address with '42' added to the username. &#59;D Though there's a bunch of Kindle apps associated with my account that I don't recognize....wish the automatic naming was more descriptive. Suspect some are devices where I had to reinstall the system or have since be retired.

Though I wasn't crazy enough to buy content for it before receiving it...though I was tempted.

Anyways...what I was getting to, was once I got it working on my WiFi network, the next step would've been registration...and it flashed it briefly before telling me that it was registered and had the name I have given it earlier. And, then it was to update itself. So I found somewhere to plug it in and left it.

Big problem that is getting worse in my home now...so many things that need to get plugged in, and all the convenient outlets are already full and now I'm running out of inconvenient ones too. The Kindle Fire is using one of those inconvenient ones. I've been meaning to build myself some kind of charging center, similar to the kind of thing Cali Lewis was presented doing in a GeekBrief. Perhaps I'll have to step up plans to get around to 'building' it. Just haven't found that piece of furniture to buy to modify yet... Probably just a matter of time that I come across something reasonable on Amazon.com with Prime and get it though....

Meanwhile, when I came back to my Kindle Fire....I initially looked at the apps on it and the apps in my cloud. I was disappointed to find that there were so few apps in my cloud. A lot of the ones that I 'purchased' on the Amazon Appstore that I was looking forward to using my Kindle Fire (which would be much better device to use than a phone) weren't there. I had also started acquiring some of the apps that I had gotten from Android Market using the Amazon Appstore, as part of this anticipation. But, these apps were also not showing in my cloud for the Kindle Fire (for example the GetGlue app....though I got it onto my Kindle Fire by backing it up on my gTablet and mailing it to myself....)

Shortly after the Kindle Fire's release, but before I received it...there was already details on how to get the B&N Nook App on to it. So, I did that. The reason was that I had subscribed to Popular Science through B&N....after the Android Nook App started working for Magazines on Android Tablets. And, the app worked on the first gingerbread rom that I put on it...though later market stopped working, and eventually an update to that rom was released. It was a step back in other areas though...namely the Nook App no longer considered my 10.1" gTablet to be a tablet device, so Magazines are disabled.

When when new Nook Tablet was finally announced, I considered whether I should get it instead of the Kindle Fire. It did sound superior in its hardware specs, and its expandable (I have a 32GB Class 10 microSDHC card sitting somewhere looking for something to go into... someday I'll get a new phone that will make use of it though) But, early reviews of the Nook Tablet seemed to say while the hardware was more impressive, the software and services behind it weren't. Plus in my early adopter days, I bought an REB1200...which was supposed to have Barnes & Noble behind it for content....and in the end didn't...leaving me with an expensive eReader and none of the content that I would want available to purchase for it.

Anyways...with the Nook app running on my Kindle Fire...I could see my magazines again, and I've got four issues to catch up on. Though the magazine is available through Amazon now....so I should just catch up on the issues and switch the subscription over. Don't think I would stay with Nook beyond that.

The home interface isn't suited to having a ton of apps on the Fire...or a ton of content...though I probably will try to keep apps down to just the ones I decide that I can't live without....like Sudoku and Angry Birds...GetGlue, NetFlix and WiFi Analyzer. Might need to move up the plan to add another AP to better extend WiFi to my bedroom.... Though it annoys me that the neighbors seem to intentional move their WiFi to be on the same (or near) channel that I'm on to interfere with me. And, WiFi Analyzer shows its pretty intentional....

I have looked a little bit on what content to purchase for the Kindle Fire. There are some other magazines that interest me, though I'll probably wait until my current print subscription runs out. Others, I had let the print subscription run out a while ago...but not sure I miss them enough yet. And, there's some others that I've never subscribed to...that I don't know if I should. Wired was something I had let run out a while back, and its available with a 3 month free trial on the Fire. Except that it seems to come in the form of an App rather than an actual magazine. Not sure I want it that way.

Though I haven't left my home with my Kindle Fire yet....I intend to by Thanksgiving. The reason I haven't, is because I pre-ordered a case and screen protectors from Marware to go with the Kindle Fire. But, while they were pre-order with the same anticipated release date of the Kindle Fire. They didn't. Some Marware items did become available on the anticipated date...but Amazon is showing either an estimate of 5-8 days for availability on some items and 1-3 weeks on other items. Of course, the ones I ordered are in the 1-3 week category. Not sure if that means they'll actually exist or not....but that kind of wait and uncertainty is unacceptable...I want to take my Kindle Fire out with me with on my upcoming trip.

So, I canceled the order for the Marware case and screen protectors and reviewed Amazon.com for what was available immediately by Amazon Prime....to get before Thanksgiving. Went with a different Marware case, though screen protectors from somebody else...fulfilled by Amazon. I'll probably end up buying the desired Marware case at a later date, since it still looks like the kind of case I'll ultimately want. Which I guess I'll live with...after all, it took a while and 3 cases before I found the one I like for my Kindle 2.

As for books....of course, all the ones I had gotten for my Kindle 2 are there in the cloud for my Kindle Fire...though either I've read them or will probably never get to reading them. Though I did retransfer some free ebooks I had previously loaded onto my Kindle 2, onto my Kindle Fire...which I intend to get around to reading someday (they are kind of teasers that if I get entrenched in...will lead to me wanting to buy other books from the authors and other like content through Amazon...so many books to read, just can't seem to find the time yet....For the sci-fi fan that I am, I haven't read any sci-fi books in forever....) And, I've also requested a few samples of other books from Amazon to my Kindle Fire.

One thing that seems odd...that isn't on the Kindle Fire...are the Amazon blogs. I subscribe to Daily on the Kindle 2....and I was kind of hoping to get video podcasts on my Kindle Fire. I 'purchased' "Pocket Casts" on the Amazon Appstore a while back, but it doesn't show up for the Kindle Fire (guess its entirely unavailable on the Appstore at the moment.)...also odd is "Gentle Alarm"....the trial version shows up in the AppStore from the Kindle Fire, but the paid version doesn't show up in my cloud. Also "PrinterShare Mobile Print" is missing.... don't really need something like this on my current android devices, but had envisioned it being something I would use on the Kindle Fire from the bedroom....(though I owe a blog post for the alternative that I've been working on that might address that.)

Meanwhile, I'm not sure where my Kindle 2 has disappeared to....and it seems to have run down sometime ago, wherever I have left it. I'm sure its in my condo somewhere, so not ready to write it off as lost and buy the Kindle Touch 3G to replace it. Even though I also did that with my phone a while back... :oops:

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