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Morning Orac outage


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Morning Orac outage

Well, Orac was being somewhat unresponsive this morning.... Looks like early this morning the system stopped answering to Cacti, with the temperature of the GPU rising to a new high. Don't know what the high would've been, because there was no snmp data for a while. GPU temp did recover, but the display did not.

Ended up rebooting, needed the excuse to see external journal work....

Once backup, I switched back to internal journal...but one of maximum size rather than default size. And, then shutdown the system to extract the PCI Compact Flash card. During the reboot to see external journal work...I realized that I wasn't likely to see much performance gain from getting faster compact flash since the card itself was only UDMA/66. So the 133x CF is already faster than the card?

Probably should've fsck'd manually after the switch back....some discussion thread suggested doing this after fiddling with journal settings. But, its fsck'ng now after the boot back up. Apparently superblock had invalid external journal superblock hint? And, auto fsck failed, requiring manual fsck.

Downside of internal journal is that it can only be a max of 400MB (an improvement from the 128MB default I had before)...but that's only like 0.01% of my total space. And, there was a discussion thread that seemed to suggest a journal size of 0.2% would yield better improvement....I didn't do the whole 16GB CF card...though wonder how much that would've helped.... But 0.2% would call for a journal of ~10.9GB. Suppose I could turn off data journaling, especially since there are files that backuppc puts down that are bigger than the 400MB journal. Though I think the ordered/writeback modes usually just do metadata journaling, while I had switched it to data journaling when I was playing with external journals...but I didn't switch it back.

Wonder which of writeback or ordered would be more optimal for this FS? :??:

Wonder if I'll find some other project for these PCI Compact Flash cards (I have two of them...) And, probably a collection of CF-TypeI cards that could fill more than just one slot of 4 on each....though 16GB/133x is the largest/fastest one in my collection. Then there's 4GB of unknown speed (attempt to put windows pagefile on it in the old gumby to see if it would improve paging....) Then there's a 1GB/80x card that came with one of the PCI Compact Flash cards....and then there'll be various useless small cards....like 8MB/16MB/32MB type that came with whatever digital camera that used compact flash back then. There should be like 256MB/512MB/1GB also in my collection... though I may have included one or two in some prior sale of formerly owned tech (like the REB1200, I think at the time it said max supported was 512MB and that's what I put in it, though I heard larger worked for others....and its more likely that larger than 512MB didn't exist at initial release) My second digital camera was a Canon Powershot S20....so I should have stock CF card, plus one other...and then I got a 1GB microdrive for it....strange how that was a big deal then....until I got a 1GB Type-I CF card to replace it. Somewhere in the early days of digital cameras....I had a Nikon Coolpix 5700. My first digital camera used SmartMedia, so far only digital camera I've had stolen....I miss it. I remember I hated it, but over time I learned how adjust my shooting technique to fit the limitations of digital cameras over real cameras. Though I did start including additional requirements in new digital cameras to close the gap....and then of course image stabilization has been really nice, especially since my essential tremor was starting to get bad....one of the contributing factors why I stopped real photography around 2001. Someday a DSLR is going to happen.... Though these days, I'm all about SD/SDHC memory for digital cameras, especially the Eye-Fi cards. I currently have a 2GB and a 4GB one....I suspect an 8GB is in my future, though not sure if next camera is going to either be a smaller camera or the DSLR....or both U-(

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