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Morning Orac outage


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Morning Orac outage

Now I wonder if it is time I look into CrashPlan to supplement my home backup strategy. Originally, it starts out with only a small amount of data, so I was hesitant to look further to see what it would take to backup all my data...since there's a lot. Though it does only backup data, where as backuppc backs up areas that CrashPlan would exclude. Which isn't totally right, since I want to have backups of some of the settings...like my dhcp/dns/freeradius configs. Though from an off-site prespective...there's probably different things that I would strongly desire to have off-site backup of, versus things that would just be nice to have because it would make recovery easier. And, I could probably come up with some way to keep local backups of those important things, such that CrashPlan would then pick those up and off-site them for me.

A recent discussion on home backup on a LOPSA list, had me take another look at CrashPlan....and the step up to unlimited storage isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I had originally considered it as a possibility for just my laptop. While ~$25/yr for 10GB would be probably ok for a laptop....since there would be a serious problem (with me) if I was keeping more than that in single instance of important data. I could certain generate a lot when traveling, but would expect to copy it somewhere local once I got home, etc. Plus I already do some off-site backup of pictures I take (providing I can find open WiFi for my Eye-Fi card to talk to....which is sometimes a problem....wonder if they make a travel router that would get around the single MAC for the $10-$12/day WiFi at some hotels, so that all my WiFi devices can use it? Otherwise, I may give some serious thought to getting a MiFi device....)

But, 10GB isn't enough for my home use....though looking at the site, that while its ~$50/yr to get unlimited for 1 computer....its ~$120/yr to get unlimited for 2-10 computers. And, that sounds kind of reasonable. Not sure how bad it'll be on initial backups and how it'll deal with bandwidth caps....currently its not an issue, but there's been a steady growth over time...but its not like caps will adjust...so eventually, I'll run into it. Though, when NetFlix changes to separate out streaming from DVDs....I'm not sure if I'll keep streaming in my plan. I really don't use streaming all that much....though I say I would use it more, but so far I'm way behind of my TV and DVD watching.... And, AFAIK, they still don't have CC for NetFlix streaming. Though CC has been really poor on TV lately..which annoys me, since its more likely to fail when the dialog is hard for me to hear as well. >:-(

I know there's a seeding option for CrashPlan... $125 for a 1TB drive they send and I return to start the service. Kind of steep, and it resets what I have initially off-site....so not sure how that integrates with the initial free trial, which I'm likely to want to try out first before I decide whether I'm going to commit to it. It also raises the entry point to get started with them....which then needs to go into my budget queue....

I'm not totally sure how it is that I have 4TB+ for supposedly dedup'd/compressed data in my backuppc pool...sure I have os files mixed in, but it shouldn't be that significant and dedup should mean something to it. Though most of my important data is probably of the kind that doesn't compress....though because I store those files in 2 or more places at home...dedup should help. Wonder if the file level dedup doesn't see them as the same because of attribute differences...or OS differences. Probably something to test out with crashplan, when I get around to that.... Wonder where I have local storage now for such testing? :hmm:

Though backuppc does give some interesting stats....like Pool is current 4114.65GB (2775819 files and 4369 directories), but it then says "53 full backups of total size 9757.66GB (prior to pooling and compression)" and "157 incr backups of total size 489.49GB (prior to pooling and compression)". So, what's taking up all the space in the pool? The latter stats does make CrashPlan + Seeding sound feasible.... :.

Anyways...I will probably look at getting an exhaust slot fan in a future / final upgrade. Though I did notice that there's cool air blowing along the wall behind orac...floor register is on other side of small desk, so I didn't think it could was getting around....though will probably keep all the rear fans in exhaust. Though I've repositioned my air cleaner to pull air away from behind orac now. We'll see if that helps keep it cool in the summer. Wonder what this means in the winter when the heat is on?

In unscientific monitoring through Cacti....CPU temp does seem to have lowered another notch (was originally have aircleaner blow towards Orac, now that its sucking its probably helping clear the heat from the back.... since aircleaner is 'extra' right now....probably won't see about getting something else to do this extra air movement. Even though somewhere there should be some fans that I had gotten for this purpose or because I was impulsive on woot....

Not much change on drive temperatures though....except for the expected increase in temp of the internal mirror...the primary ST3500630AS was always about 10 degrees hotter than the old ST3500410AS mirror. I already commented on the fact that the ST350060AS had a 5 year warranty and the ST3500410AS only had a 3 year warranty...and the ST3500410AS is just over 3 years old.... Anyways...with the recertified ST3500630AS as the mirror now....it should be in the same ballpark as the primary one. Though a slight difference might be because the mirror is closer to the front of the case....as it shows a few degrees cooler. Though I did seem to get the non-PM eSATA cables flipped from before, so the graphs have flipped. I do have different colors for the RAID1 pairs...but didn't mark which was which in the pairs.... But, this shift only makes the Cacti graph look weird. I just don't like when the sd? mappings change....either because I've added something or things booted differently (like an array is/was degraded, even though the devices are out beyond ... it still affects the earlier device mappings....)

I also wonder what happens after sdz, but probably won't find out on ORAC.

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