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Morning Orac outage


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Morning Orac outage

FWIW, currently I have:

sda - Hitachi 2TB
sdb - Hitachi 2TB
sdc - Hitachi 2TB
sdd - Seagate 1.5TB
sde - Seagate 1.5TB

sdf - USB SD
sdg - USB CF
sdh - USB SM
sdi - USB MS

sdj - Hitachi 2TB
sdk - Hitachi 2TB
sdl - Hitachi 2TB
sdm - Seagate 1.5TB
sdn - Seagate 1.5TB

sdo - Seagate 500GB
sdp - Seagate 500GB

sdq - WDC 500GB
sdr - WDS 500GB

sds - Seagate 1TB
sdt - Seagate 1TB

Where sda-sde are one 5-bay PM eSATA enclosure, sdf-sdi is the front media reader, sdj-sdn is the other 5-bay PM eSATA enclosure, sdo/sdp are the internal drives, sdq-sdt are the other 4 mother board SATA connectors extended out to a 4 eSATA slot bracket and sdq/sdr are my old 500GB My DVR TiVo expanders, and sds/sdt goes to a MobileSTOR MS2T+BP

With sda,sdb,sdc & sdj,sdk,sdl making a RAID10....stripped within the PM eSATA enclosure and mirrored between them. sdd&sdm and sde&sdn are the 2 1.5TB RAID1's (one has just one FS on it, the other has 2 FSs on it....which I'm thinking of upgrading to 2 2TB drives, and moving the 1.5TB drives over to Zen to get some RAID5 action on there....perhaps when I do that I'll have a crashplan store to start....or there's the 1TB RAID1 that'll free up as well. Since the plan is to 'shrink' the FS on the 1TB RAID1 to the join the other 2 FSs on the other array....don't really need the whole ~1TB for that particular FS.) So, sdo&sdp are the internal system drives (RAID1), sdq&sdr make a 500GB RAID1, which is the store for pyTiVo, and its full. I sucked shows off of my two TiVo HDs so that I could upgrade them to 1TB MyDVR Expanders....and now my TiVos are getting full and I have no idea when, if ever, I'll get to the shows I had pulled off....let alone the shows that are on them :oops: And, sds/sdt were a RAID 1 pair that I was going to repurpose, but then ended up using for an experiment that stayed... I suppose if I had thought of it, I'd swap the pyTiVo store with it....but who knows when I'll get around to the next storage shuffle.

Meanwhile...the extra keystroke to change displays is still tripping me up....not so much that its needed, but that its "Enter". I had gotten into the habit of "Scroll"-"Scroll"-#-"Right-Shift" or "Scroll"-"Scroll"-#-"Right-Ctrl"....since the computers would've put their respective displays to sleep and need something tell it to wake it back up.

Of course, that extra key being in the same vicinity of "Enter"....kind of causes me to miss it a lot and screw things up. And, even when I do get it...it throws off the rhythm to still hit something to wake up the screen. I'm sure I'll get it in time. )-o

Wonder if I'll get to any other project(s) this Sunday....

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