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Oops!Backup, Crashplan and RAID5 OCE on Zen


  08:24:32 am, by The Dreamer   , 1100 words  
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Oops!Backup, Crashplan and RAID5 OCE on Zen

So, with Oops!Backup out of commission and now playing around with CrashPlan on Zen....I revisited what shall I do with the free'd up 1.5TB drive. Do I keep it as a spare, wait for another to free up and make a RAID1 with it. Or use it by itself (its just backup data)...or add it to the current RAID5 on Zen.

I opted to do an OCE and add it to the current RAID5. Hmmm, that'll take about 40 hours....probably providing that I don't use the storage while its working....so will probably be much longer.

Saw that the current volume didn't resize....couldn't remember if it happened before, or if I had to intervene. Oh wait...last time was an ORLM....I went from a 2 disk RAID0 to a 3 disk RAID5...there was no change in capacity, just gain of redundancy.

Hmmm, do grow the current partition, or make a new partition....perhaps I'll make a new partition and make it a new Oops!Backup destination and just start over again with it.

But, now it looks like I got the explanation of what went wrong, and how to fix it....and get it working again....so maybe not. Perhaps I'll stay with new partition, but this'll be the partition for inbound CrashPlan backups from friends.... Hmmm... :hmm:

Perhaps some combination of resize and new partition instead.... :DD

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Oops!backup worked one time on its own….and then my system crashed….guess running EncoreViewer in XP Mode and being idle too long…and having BOINC try to start VirtualBox killed it.

OCE is dead. Guess I’ll create a new RAID5 from scratch with the 4 disks…and end future grow plans. Wonder if I’ll make it one big filesystem or two as I had speculated on. Guess we’ll find out when the init finishes. Can’t recall if it had to finish before I could start using it before, or if its because I picked foreground init. Probably did pick foreground before, but wasn’t in a hurry like I am now.

Wonder what I’ll need to fix to make everything work again….

08/23/11 @ 10:26
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