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TARDIS got a new drive...sort of


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TARDIS got a new drive...sort of

So, after I finally replaced the backup drive on gumby...I noticed a strange whining sound, but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, so I went on to other projects.

Later when I was going to bed, I found it really annoying...so I went to look for the source.

Well, it was emanating from TARDIS....I eventually decided it was probably the external drive, and tried to safe remove and power it off to confirm. I couldn't get it to disconnect, and TARDIS was wanting to reboot after having applied patches but also wanting to know if I wanted to update other stuff.

So, I ended up turning the external drive off hard. That stopped the whine. Eventually, I got things mostly patched and set it reboot and went off to bed.

Forgot about it in the morning, but later I happened to look at cacti and saw that it didn't seem to have done much over night. It was stuck rebooting. iTunes was refusing to quit.... Needed an extra shoove to finally go over.

And, then I turned to the external drive. Tried powering it on to see what it would do....click-click-click. Guess that's my answer.

The drive started out as a 1TB external Iomega drive, it has failed a couple times before on me....didn't realize the first time, but it worked again...so let it slide, but then it stopped more completely. I extracted the drive (a Seagate) from the case and put it in another case (with active cooling), and it continued to work for this while longer.

I wondered what I would buy as a replacement, or if I would...but as I was chatting on IRC about it...I noticed I had a 1.5TB Samsung drive sitting next to me.

This is the last of the 3 Shellshocker 1.5TB Samsung drives. I bought my limit 3, and one was DOA and the other two died after the limited RMA period. The replacement to the DOA continued to work until I retired the array that it was in, but the other two were replaced with Seagates from Amazon.com. I've written about this before, haven't I?

I had set the 1.5TB Samsung drive aside, with plans that it would combine with other 1.5TB or 1TB drives that would free up and someday get a Drobo S to put them into to be the new external backup for Zen. Still plan to do that someday, it'll just be short some of the initial capacity.

Popped out the bad drive from the enclosure (noticed that I had gotten firewire/USB2.0, wondered why I was using USB2.0 on TARDIS....wonder if that's where the firewire card in gumby came from...) Hooked it back up to TARDIS fired up Retrospect to start using this new drive. Oh, I formatted it as FAT32, which is tricky because Windows Explorer won't do that on things larger than 32GB...and command line format, seems to have a limit as well (probably 1TB, the same limit for the FAT32 emulation of the HSTi Media Stick)....but found a program called fat32format online. And, set a full backup in motion....

It takes forever. Wonder if I shouldn't have gone with enabling write cache. Well, that takes a reboot to make happen....oh well.

At least TARDIS has a 'new' external drive to do local backups to. And, nothing much changes on there anymore. Might be time to think about getting a new machine to sport the TARDIS name. This last upgrade was the first time I didn't move the name to...though there's still a few things running on TARDIS that wouldn't go. Though could probably find another machine like gumby to do those XP roles....

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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