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The Airport Express Tangent


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The Airport Express Tangent

Being that it is really hot today, I didn't feel like going out and figured I could tackle some of the many projects that I've been putting off.

Before I started, I happened to look at cacti...not sure why I had at first, but I went off and looked at the Airport graphs. Nothing has associated yet with my Airport Express, is there something wrong...with it or the clients?

Wondered if it was the use of manual versus automatic channel selection....perhaps it doesn't see the Airport Express as a strong choice, though sitting right next to it...it should've dominated.

But, I tried automatic to see what channels it would jump to. I was kind of surprised that the Airport Extreme jumped from 1 to 10. First in that I thought 1 was the best, and second I expected it to pick one of 1, 6, 11. Though when I was running the Belkin APs, I was running them on 2 and 10.....there is one other AP somewhere in the condo that is using channel 10. And, oddly...same SSID as I was using, except all lower-case (instead of capitalized). But, I've since turned off the Belkin APs...so I don't care anymore?

I then configured the Airport Express to automatic...and it jumped from channel 11 to 1. Okay then....let's see how that works.

It doesn't.

So, I go looking to see if there's anything in logs. I think I had intended to look at syslog, since they are configured to do syslog to box. But, I happened to looking a freeradius logs instead.

D'Oh, I forgot to authorize the client to use my FreeRADIUS servers.... :**:

HUP'ng didn't seem to make that change take effect...wonder if I need to change my sync process to restart instead of reload. Well, that's just a one line change to the Makefile on orac.

So, now it should be working....except I wasn't seeing the change, and I couldn't seem to tell my Droid2 to associate with it specifically. Thought I would take another look in Airport Utility....except that I didn't want to walk all the way back to Zen, and it wasn't installed on Gumby.

Perhaps its time to see what airport-utils is like on ubuntu. Well, that was a huge waste of time. It installed...but does nothing. I did some google searching, got off on a while tangent where some posts suggested that it needs java5 to work...and does what I saw if I used java6. But, there's no java5 in any apt repository....eventually I got the one for Hardy....well, it won't work. Doesn't like the class libraries of 5....probably was meant for 6 afterall.

Notice somewhere it claims that to depend on openjdk-6-jre...though not in Lucid. I'm using sun-java6.... So, I get the openjdk-6-jre, and see that it makes itself the default. But, it doesn't make airport2-config do anything different.

So, I look at how to make old default the default (though without removing openjdk...) occurs to me that a previous problem where I was trying to change what editor is used by visudo could be related. Sure enough...there an alternative for 'editor', which points to nano....had I changed that to vim.tiny, it might have worked. Better than the risky, edit sudoers to specify the editor.

Also notice that I can set whether vim.basic or vim.tiny is used for vi (versus vim where the only choice is vim.basic). While, I'm not crazy about vim (vs. vi)....I didn't feel like making the change. Partly because I fixed the problem of it picking unreadable colors...and perhaps someday, I'll sit down and learn about the other stuff they felt necessary to add/change in vi.

Anyhoo....still wanted to poke around in my Airports with Airport Utility, so I guess I do need to install it on Gumby. I go to Apple.com to get the latest Windows version (none of this install from its disc and then have to upgrade to the latest anyways.) And, I first quickly go through each Airport to save a copy of the baseconfig locally. And, then take a look to see if there's anything else to tweak.

Having named my main Airport Extreme the same as its SSID, apparently makes it confusing in the Radius logs...which logs the MAC (and the MAC of the client) of the Airport that checked it, and prints the name of the SSID next to that....) No I don't know off the top of my head what the MAC of the Airport Extreme vs. Airport Express is. Though I didn't have to look anything up to realize what was going on. They are significantly different from each other....

But, then I notice in Airport Utility that it says there's one wireless client on the Airport Express, and checking that tab...it seems to be my Droid2, the device I wanted it to jump over to the Express, which is close to the bathroom and I wanted to do some Sudoku....

Which I will now go and do.... :hmm:

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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