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The Gumby Torture has ended


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The Gumby Torture has ended

That is Gumby was torturing me!

It all started around May 13, 2010....and could ended around...sometime back in April, 2011...but had to let it drag on to today...July 23, 2011.

Gumby had been torturing me more and more lately....largely because when I upgraded it in May 13, 2010...it became my second fastest system at home, and my fastest Windows XP box. Ole TARDIS was only a Pentium 4 3.2GHz w/HT. While new Gumby is a Pentium D 3.4GHz.

Though while TARDIS was still my main Windows XP system, I largely kept Gumby's role the same...though it did pick up a few things the ole Gumby didn't do, due to it having more juice and being less cluttered in its registry and driver hell. Like a new DVD burner, or running a few more CPU and/or memory intensive apps (things that didn't work to well on P3-933MHz and/or only a max of 512MB...)

But, the problem with new Gumby was that its a legacy free box. No PS/2 mouse or keyboard ports (though it's strange that I can still buy new systems that have one or two PS/2 ports, something about the reliability of PS/2 mouse and/or keyboard over USB probably... this KVM switch was kind of holding up whether or not I would be requiring PS/2 ports on whatever mobo I decide to build the new LHAVEN around.)

I had gotten USB PS/2 adapters to keep using my old keyboard/mouse and KVM setup on Gumby (though the keyboard and mouse have upgraded a few times since the Trendnet TK-408) Also, I think the mouse has always been a USB kind with a PS/2 adapter. Originally a ball type, now an optical type....some day I'll get some laser mice here and there...

Problem was that the USB PS/2 adapter was less than reliable or usable. I was still using the Kingwin one that I got to start with new Gumby. Which worked the best, except that every now and the the mouse would stop responding. I could have to stop using the mouse for a while, and it had to be absolutely still during the stop....and then something would reset and it would work again. I had tried a TrendNet, thinking it would go with the KVM....but switching away and then back on the KVM would cause the scrollwheel functionality to go away, and that required me to unplug/replug the USB adapter to get scrollwheel working again.

I also tried a PCI PS/2 card, but found that internally was just another USB PS/2 adapter...just in a slot consuming form, plus it didn't get along with the other PCI card (firewire, and I use firewire external storage on Gumby)...also it exhibited the same problem that the TrendNet USB PS/2 adapter did, except that its a little harder to unplug the card to reset it at will...

So, I stayed with the KingWin and set my sight on a KVM.

I had pretty much settled between another TrendNet or a Monoprice one, and likely from eBay. I was leaning towards the Monoprice....because the price was lower and looked solid.

And, at some point in April...I found myself with a little eBay cash to burn, so I snapped one up. I say I'm going to cut back on my eBay usage, but I earn these eBay Bucks that add up to quite a bit, especially when they have bonus promotions...and there's still the convenience of finding the seller that ships by USPS or has something that is elusive, rare or sufficiently cheaper than Amazon.

Though the Monoprice came by UPS, so there was a delay to fetch it from UPS, etc. So, price was the main reason. Though I don't recall if I found an eBay seller with any KVM of interest that declared they shipped by USPS. Its a peeve that some just say "Standard Shipping" so can't tell if its either of my preferred delivery methods (USPS or FedEx Ground/Home Delivery)...sometimes they do ship this way, but I have to delay getting to it because I sent it to my other (don't know when I'll get it and/or get somebody else to sign for it) delivery address.

I think I got a lot of little things then, some that I still haven't gotten around to opening up and using yet. And, still so many things to buy....

Oh yeah...the big Zen getting corrupted...twice....was probably a big reason why I fell behind.

Anyways...today, I was sorting out the latest shipment I got via Amazon Prime... various bits and pieces for other projects, like speakers should I ever get around to changing out the current 17" LCD monitor on the KVM for the 21.5" widescreen freed up from Zen....which I had delayed on account that 21.5" display doesn't have built-in speakers like the 17" does. Kind of a silly reason, but now less of one. (though there's kind of a space/clutter issue, too).

Or the fans to upgrade cooling here and there.

Well, I decided that the bits from Amazon for stuff in my computer room, should go to my computer room until I get around to doing something with them. I had moved the Monoprice KVM a little bit closer (more visible location) the other day, thinking that I would look at it and get it the rest of the way there. So, I took it over to the computer room with the stuff from Amazon.

Once there, I decided to go for it. U-(

I skimmed its manually quickly....though it looked all okay. At first I thought of setting it up along side the old KVM and swap the ends.... guess the option to revert back was the thought. But, as I started unplugging cables from the KVM....I decided to make a clean jump and unrun the KVM cables and box it up.

I suppose it was partly because I opted to remove the USB->PS/2 adapter from the mouse and plug it into the USB Mouse port on the KVM instead. I then ran the new KVM cables out...keeping the numbering the same. Gumby is now monitor+USB, the other computers are monitor+PS/2 for both. The console port has PS/2 keyboard, a USB mouse and the monitor.

I could hear Gumby beeping of driver detection/installation....and eventually I woke up the display and watched it finish. Guess that's good, guess I can turn off the other (bluetooth) mouse that I was playing around with when the KVM one annoys me too much....

I then tried to switch to the next computer I connected to the KVM. Keyboard shortcut didn't seem to work...well, I had only skimmed the manual...I didn't read it. Guess new KVM is similar but not the same as old KVM for shortcut.

TrendNet was Scroll-Scroll-[1234], Monoprice is Scroll-Scroll-[1234]-Enter. Wasn't doing the enter, so it just beeped and did nothing. Front panel button worked...and the beep was starting to get annoying. So, I disabled the beep and guess I'm sure I'll adjust to the new shortcut in no time. There have been a few other KVMs before either of these ones, and the shortcut was different on them as well.

Hopefully the new KVM won't stick the last key...something the TrendNet had been doing more and more lately. Either a get terminal window full of 1's (or whatever I had switched to) or the computer beeps because something that doesn't like keyboard input had focus. Time will tell....

And, I think that's it to report....the autodetect resolution still doesn't work right, and the keyboard seems less reliable.

Oh yeah....USB status seems to come and go on gumby as I switch back and forth...sometimes. And, it did trigger a mouse detection change on buy ubuntu boxes. Not sure if that's the KVM or the change in how I've connected the mouse to the KVM.

Before was "ImExPS/2 Generic Explorer Mouse", and now its "ImPS/2 Generic Wheel Mouse"...but all seems well.


Except perhaps for a ghosting problem...that only affects ORAC? How odd.... could be another problem that I hadn't really noticed before with the PPA X server/nvidia drivers that I use on ORAC. Or something new I'll have to dig around on....

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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