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The storage upgrades on Orac and Zen begin


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The storage upgrades on Orac and Zen begin

Because one of the 1TB RAID1 drives was starting to fail...I was looking at options to replace it.

I original had a plan to upgraded one of my 1.5TB RAID1's to a pair of 2TB drives....freeing one of the 1.5TB drives to test out the OCE/ORLM feature of the RR622 & TR5M-BP on Zen...converting the current 2x1.5TB RAID0 to a 3x1.5TB RAID5 (or perhaps 4x1.5TB) Oops!Backup seems to be doing well and its filling up the space, I'm sure there's a setting to tell it not to, but not an issue at the moment. Guess I should buy it before the 30 day trial runs out.

At first I was looking at new 1TB drives....though for $20 more I could get 2TB drives, the same kind as the 6x2TB RAID10. The 1TB and 1.5TB drives have been 7200RPM (as were all previous drives)....the Hitachi's are the first of the greener drives....5940RPM. Given that I'm doing PM RAID in a first gen PCI Express box, I'm probably still not seeing the full potential of the greener drives.

For a different reason, I had gotten an Amazon Store card...but decided instead to put it to the test and use it to go ahead and get a pair of 2TB drives and move forward on the this plan....of sorts.

I had considered that one of the freed 1.5TB drives would go to ZEN for ORLM from 2x1.5TB RAID0 to 3x1.5TB RAID5, and the other to replace the failing 1TB disk.....

Anyways..the new drives arrived yesterday....but I didn't get around to starting until this morning. I started things off by swapping in one of the 2TB drives for one of the 1.5TB drives. ETA for resync...6 hours. So, I can do the other drive when I get home. This particular RAID1, currently has 2 filesystems on it....the 1TB TARDIS volume that feeds my HSTi Media Stick and a 368GB 'backup' volume (its where I such down my backups of my sites at dreamhost, along with a few other old things....like a copy of my home dir on the now-defunct 'lhaven' box.) Since I wasn't fully utilizing the space on SIDRAT (a 930GB volume on the 1TB RAID1), I had planned that swapping the disks to 2TB in this 1.5TB RAID1, I could create a new filesystem in the new space that would be the new SIDRAT. However, my use of SIDRAT has since grown...while it is still low enough that it would fit into the the new filesystem (of whatever size I end up going with....probably in the ball park of 448GB). Though unclear if it'll be sufficient for future plans (currently its a time machine sparse image for my work laptop....constrained to 256GB....but I'm strongly considering getting a Mac Book Pro for myself, and I'll likely go with another one of these sparse images for it.) In the meantime, it has become an overflow volume for shows I've pulled off my TiVo's using TiVo Desktop.

But, running out of space in a reduced SIDRAT might not be an issue for some time...and perhaps by then a pair of 3TB drives would fall into the desired price range, and I could get into other craziness. Or the new 'lhaven' will finally get built and there'll be room to hang many more drives off of something. Though someday I'm going to have to deal with my current backuppc volume filling up.

OTOH, I do want something to replace the current 1TB RAID1, since I'm curious to see if the PM-RAID that I'm doing now accounts for something seeming to be a bit slower than I recall. Its a raw device, so needed to find a sliver of space somewhere...other than the OS RAID1 (because I figured that RAID1 is already busy)...and only spot was on PM-RAID. Oh well....guess we'll see what I'm in the mood for when the current upgrades are done (2x1.5TB RAID1 -> 2x2TB RAID1 on orac, and 2x1.5TB RAID0 -> 3x1.5TB RAID5 on Zen)....the OLRM on Zen had an ETA of 27 hours, though I bumped the priority on it...and that had knocked a couple hours at first...but ETA is now back to 27 hours. Probably accounting for the fact the oops!backup is periodically using the volume while the OLRM is taking place....so far it has only used it once, but it'll use it once an hour....


Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Looks like BOINC is stealing cycles from the ORLM….

08/11/11 @ 09:42
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

The orac estimate was more accurate than I thought….it was 320 minutes…and ~318 minutes.

The zen estimate is also staying close to the original 27 hour estimate (says 19 hours to go).

08/11/11 @ 16:26
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Hmm….the second orac resync is going faster….

08/11/11 @ 21:36
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Yup….took ~298 minutes.

08/11/11 @ 22:06
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