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Time machine & NFS


  07:32:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 693 words  
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Time machine & NFS

Link: http://blog.mediafederation.com/andy-hawkins/mac-os-x-time-machine-via-nfs-on-linux-ubuntu-complete-guide-fixes-error-13-etc/

So, during the long weekend...I got to wonder why I couldn't have my work MacBookPro do Time Machine backups to a network share, I had envisioned coming up with a drive to attach to one of my Airport Extremes and doing that some day. Though it doesn't look like that's actually going to happen anytime soon.

Did a quick google search on Time Machine and SMB, and found out about:

defaults write com.apple.systempreferences TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

And, so trying to make it work started. I created a Samba shared named 'SIDRAT' on ORAC...which I think is the name of the removable 160G drive that I had been using at home for Time Machine backups. The one at work is named 'TARDIS'. But, I already have a Samba shared named 'TARDIS' on ORAC....that's the 1TB volume for the HSTi Media Stick. Also not to be confused with computers named TARDIS and SIDRAT. Though SIDRAT died a long time ago, and I still haven't gotten around to replacing it....it was my Windows laptop.

At first I didn't have dedicated storage on ORAC for this...I was just exporting the subdirectory of another Samba share as SIDRAT. And, it didn't really make sense for it to be a subdirectory on that share...but it was where I had at least 80GB to spare to this....the drive in the MacBookPro is only 80GB.

It seemed to start, but then it would fail. I had picked just the usual options for creating the Samba share, and wondered if the Mac needed special stuff to work. So, I went looking....

Read about the:

touch .com.apple.timemachine.supported

trick...but that didn't work. And, wasn't necessary when I did get it working. :))

So, then I read about creating the sparsebundle to get it started. There was conflicting info on how to name it....the usual was start Time Machine, and see what name it creates and use that.

So, was creating "<host>.tmp.sparsebundle" And, there were some variations on how to invoke hdiutil to create this. Well, it went further...it slowly made it get smaller and smaller until it was gone and then went on to try to create "<host>.sparsebundle". Creating that as well didn't help. I had heard about "<host>_<MAC_ADDRESS>.sparsebundle", but the hits I found didn't explain just what MAC_ADDRESS would look like, or which one to use. Decided this wasn't going anywhere and the long weekend was nearly over....I did at least (after many long attempts) get a backuppc backup of parts of my MacBookPro. So, I got rid of the Samba share and undid most of the other stuff.

But, then I got the idea to try NFS instead. Mac OS X is Unix like, maybe it'll avoid filesystem emulation or whatever issues. I did a quick google search, and eventually found the above linked article that answered the sparsebundle question.

I created a new filesystem using the 1TB RAID1 array on ORAC that I was intending to take off for use elsewhere. Mounted it as /SIDRAT, though probably could've gotten it to work with some other name and/or path.

Created the sparsebundle named "<host>_<MAC_ADDRESS>.sparsebundle" where MAC_ADDRESS is the MAC of en0 as just the hex digits (no -'s or :'s), using:


sudo hdiutil create -size 256g -type SPARSEBUNDLE -nospotlight -volname "Backup of <HOST>" -fs "Case-sensitive Journaled HFS+" -verbose ~/<host>_001122aabbcc.sparsebundle

And, next thing I know the backup is off an running. Guess I'll leave my MacBookPro at home and go in to work without it. Will be working from home in the evening during the week, etc. &#58;&#108;&#97;&#108;&#97;&#108;&#97;&#58;

The article I linked does go into quite a bit of detail on setting up the NFS part...but I was already doing NFS on ORAC. But, it suggested I needed things like extra mount options for the FS (I did an ext4 filesystem and added extra flags of 'user_attr,acl', and while the main thing for the export would've been the 'insecure' option. I opted to not deal with differing uid/gid mappings of Mac versus Ubuntu...and add flags of 'all_squash,anonuid=1000,anongid=1000' as well.

Since sparsebundle is set to only get up to 256GB...I wonder what I should do with the remaining space of the /SIDRAT volume.

Get a new MAC? &#56;&#56;&#124;

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