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Woot! Got me another monitor....


  05:06:02 pm, by The Dreamer   , 1073 words  
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Woot! Got me another monitor....

Link: http://www.woot.com/Blog/ViewEntry.aspx?Id=18239

The other oddity I noticed as it was now saying "Test Mode, Windows 7, Build 7601" in the lower right corner of both displays now. Not sure why my activation would be impacted by changing the monitor. But, did a google search, ran a command and rebooted....twice. Sometime ago a Windows Update messed up my startup again.

I have lots of sys-tray icons...and initially not all of them would show up after boot, sometimes logging out and logging back in would get close to all of them. But, then it started working...and all was good on the most part for a few months. But, then it all stopped working....only about a 3rd show up after a boot, and logging out and logging back in makes things worse :??:

Some of the missing ones are hard to track down...they aren't where my Startup control panel can find them. Though wonder if Soluto (which has gone missing from my tray)...I know it was there when I booted, but it didn't come back when I logged out and back in. Guess no option to tell it that I got frustrated anymore. Not sure if it was why things started working before or not. I did pitch WinPatrol, got tired of it barking all the time and not showing any windows....had tried reinstalling it a few times, annoying that it requires reboots after the uninstall and the install... One of these days the Windows hold will loosen and I'll move on to an OS that doesn't need regular rebooting to keep working.

While I was doing the reboots, logout/logins... I decided to update BOINC, and that it might be time to check out Genie Free Timeline...the latter's lame installer wouldn't because it thinks its in a business environment. I hate crap like that.... So, that quest continues.

Now the question is what to do with the Vison 21.6" monitor. I probably intended that I would swap it out for the 17" monitor that is on the KVM between Orac, Box and Gumby....though I'm not feeling that right now. Perhaps later....which may or may not be tomorrow. And, then what becomes of the 17" monitor...its VGA only, so....it might not have a future....also it has some annoying stuck pixels. :hmm:

Oh well, off to order some food. :wave:

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Not sure when I’m going to move the Vison, if ever….found one problem that I forgot about.

The current monitor has built-in speakers, which was a requirement when I bought it for this purpose. Vison doesn’t….wasn’t a need for that. Can’t have it go back on TARDIS though, no room there.

OTOH, I’m finding it really inconvenient with my printer not next to Zen….but to go two wide screen monitors, and some other adjustments….the printer had to move. Though I do now have another printer stand on order…perhaps that’ll work. And, perhaps it was meant to happen all along….

07/17/11 @ 17:15
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