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Woot! I got a pair of Sanyo Air Washer Air Purifiers....oops?


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Woot! I got a pair of Sanyo Air Washer Air Purifiers....oops?

Link: http://www.woot.com/Blog/ViewEntry.aspx?Id=18188

So, on June 26th, I had blogged about my new Lasko 52" Oscillating Pedestal Fan and touched on how I was thinking of getting a few more Air Purifiers.

And, what happens? The next day, Woot has Air Purifiers on sale. And, its going for a pretty good price, about half for Amazon Prime. And, it would come by FedEx ground which is a plus....

So, I went ahead and bought a couple of them. Even though it wasn't really in the budget just right now. But, the one I was looking to get would've been much more than what I spent on two of these. And, that one is still on the list.

I put these two Air Purifiers into the low priority areas. One went into my bedroom, and the other in my computer room.

So far nothing much to report about these...though not sure about the electrolyzed water feature or gimmick? Guess we'll see how the odor feature works, which is kind of the main point...

One quirk so far, it offers a button to change the lights (bright, dark, off)....but it only affects the front lights...doesn't do anything for the top ones, guess we'll see how it works in the bedroom.... I went for off. Guess it saves on a post-it.

Meanwhile, this day all started when I decided I would take a look at cleaning the grid of Electrostatic Air Purifier by TARDIS. I looked at using the supplied tool to just wipe the grid...that was hard. So, I looked at how to wash it and decided to go with putting it in my dishwasher.

So, I emptied dishwasher, loaded the grid in, and then packed my dirty dishes around it....hopefullly it'll not pick up anything. After it was all done, with still some room left over...I started looking around to see if there was anything else I wanted to wash or had forgotten.

I was just about to shut the door and run the cycle, when I remembered the other reason I was planning to run the dishwasher this weekend. Wash the grease filters. So, I added those in and set it on its way.

After it was done, I took the grid and filters out...the grease filters looked a little more discolored than before, forgot that was happening...perhaps I'll see about ordering a couple new ones just to keep on hand. And, then I looked at the wet grid. It didn't seem to have picked up anything else...but it was wet with big droplets. I don't use heated drying on my dishwasher, even though it is coming into the time of year when the machine needs extra help to dry. But, I just leave the door open when I'm done....at often fish out what I need to days/weeks until it is time to run a new load. Dirty dishes collect in the sink unless the machine empties out or I need them out of sight.&#59;D

While this was happening, I tackled cleaning the water distiller, doing a couple loads of laundry...first the colored load and later the hand wash cycle with my CPAP mask headgear and my Tilley Hat. It was also during this time that I opened up the Sanyo Air Purifier boxes and decided on where they would go etc.

I said one of these Air Purifiers went into the Computer Room. But, didn't I just put in a new Bionaire PERMAtech Tower Air Purifier? Well, ran into a problem with my Lasko 52" Pedastal Fan...the remotes conflict.

The Timer button on the Lasko Remote causes the Bionaire Air Purifier to rev up to top speed. And, the Bionaire remote to switch back to medium speed turns off my Lasko Fan. So, I need to work on manually to undo the mess. Or get rid of one.

Well...I'm keeping the fan, so the Bionaire got moved to another corner....for now, and the Sanyo Air Purifier has been squeezed into the spot with the fan. Its kind of crowded, someday I need to rearrange the clutter in my computer room. Perhaps time to finally unload some of the obsolete electronics I have.

Worked the remote to get things back the way I wanted....the Bionaire remote (pointed to it, and away from fan) still turned off my Lasko Fan. But, the Lasko remote pointed at the fan put things right without affecting the Bionaire. The Sanyo doesn't have a remote, something most of my other Air Purifiers have....but I guess the Sanyo doesn't really need a remote for what I'm using.

I went to label the filters' install dates using my Brother labeler, but ended up only being able to do one...had to write on to the supplied label for the other. My M Tape reached its end. Wonder if I get new tapes or a new labeler....been thinking of getting a new one for a while, but not sure how much of a hurry I am to have the option of self-laminating labels (my old labeler did that kind...Casio...and I miss that.)

Still lots of other projects undone....but time for pizza and TV :wave:

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