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Woot, I got a Viewsonic gTablet!


  06:10:13 pm, by The Dreamer   , 1575 words  
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Woot, I got a Viewsonic gTablet!

Well, a couple weeks ago....that finally happened. I kind of had an idea that it might be useful for something coming up, so I was running out of time if I wanted to get it figured out. So, I came home from work one Monday and set about to get it going.

I ended up booting into the original ROM once....got it to attempt to associate with my wireless network, so that I could allow its MAC address into my network and get an IP from my DHCP server. It then showed it wanted to update...but I was ready to move on and replace its ROM.

Oh, somewhere in the inbetween time....I had looked at acquiring a 32GB MicroSD card for it, but the one I got on eBay turned out to be counterfeit....so I went through the hassle of returning it for a refund. Second time I had gotten a counterfeit memory device on eBay. During the same time, I had gotten a 32GB SDHC card...which was fine and I'm using it in my Nintendo 3DS.

I have previously acquired a 16GB flashdrive to dabble in ReadyBoost. Which turned out to be a MicroSD reader and a 16GB MicroSD card. The reader part had stopped working at some point, but the MicroSD card was still good (and I tested it to be sure) And, after some fiddling around to find a new home for it, I settled on using it in the Viewsonic gTablet.

I followed some instructions online on replacing the ROM, and substituted into the Gingerbread edition VEGAn-TAB into the process and stopped before the steps on Flash and Market enablement, since Gingerbread had Market working and the Flash from Market would work. And, it all looked good.

I then started loading it up with apps that I already had on my Android phone (Motorola Droid 2), along with some extras that I come across in Market and Amazon App Store. Including some apps that I had purchased....such as Touchdown and Angry Birds.

Angry Birds was kind of a reason that seemed to help move up the desire to get a Tablet....though the games I do have, don't seem to work as well on a tablet as on the phone....though some did warn they don't work as well. Also the gTablet's touch screen seems less sensitive to touch.

Not everything that I could get on the phone appeared in Market for the gTablet...and the onscreen keyboard is a biggie.... Swype doesn't appear to be available and the keyboard that does appear is of a different layout than I'm accustom to, and it is kind of annoying. I'll probably buy some other keyboard from Market....though either I have to buy one on faith, or accept the imperfections of the ones with demos and go for keeping it. Like SlideIT, exists...which is close to Swype, but its auto spacing is really bad and it refuses to let me do anything mixed case, and keeps auto suggesting completely wrong stuff....worse than the iPhone.

Then it was finally time to install Nook and try that out....hmmm, magazines don't show up in its store browse. Well, seems Magazines just aren't available in any Nook software, only Nook devices can do it. Doesn't matter that a Nook device is Android (which people have rooted and enabled Market and added other stuff to). :##

Well, Kindle seems to be moving to having Magazines in its software versions and it is apparently better at having pictures and stuff....though they didn't offer the particular magazines I was after.

But, there are other apps that do magazines out there...or seem to. The one that doesn't appear on Android yet, was Zinio....though I did find that it seems to be in the works and a beta did show up for some devices, though not the gTablet. But, there's hope. Since I know PC Magazine is available this way, I used to have a digital subscription to it...but reading it on a PC didn't really work all that well for me and I switched back to print...until I let it run out. But, there are others that I would be open to seeing in digital format....once it supports my Android tablet....

The specific magazine that I've been searching for is Popular Science. Guess we'll see what I do on that front in the future...

Meanwhile....the tablet has been occupying my time with Angry Birds and other games....and drawing attention away from my other recent acquisition (which had also arrived on the same day as the gTablet), the Nintendo 3DS.

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

That reminds me…I wonder if SlingBox works on my mod’d gTablet? Don’t really want to buy it to find out that it doesn’t.

Though I don’t recall seeing if it supported the TiVo Premiere, but I’ve sometimes thought that it would be nice if i could watch TV from somewhere other than in front of my Home Theatre setup at home (i.e. when I’m sick in bed)

Perhaps I’ll come up with some other more complicated solution….or not.

I do have the unused ethernet jack in my bedroom, though its not in a very usable location and would involve work (and buying the desk I’ve been meaning to get), etc. First I should replace broken bedframe….new one has been sitting in hallway for (5-ish) months now.

05/12/11 @ 08:08
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Recently B&N release an upgrade to their Android app to allow magazines on Android Tablets….

I can browse Magazines in the shop now…but haven’t tried it yet. Might be easier if there were a free magazine to test with. Though I’ll probably just bite the bullet and subscribe for a year to something and see how that goes.

Could always use the PC app if I have to….wonder if it work on my ubuntu laptop w/Wine?

05/15/11 @ 17:59
Comment from: kingkong5 [Visitor]

I have a GTablet bought from Woot as well, and also rooted and using VeganTab 7.0.0 (whatever the Ginger Edition is). I can confirm that Slingbox works on it, and it works really well. I think the resolution could be a little better, probably due to the application being meant for a phone display and not the bigger tablet, but the quality is more than acceptable.

My only qualms so far with VeganTab is the lack of ability to play HD files in Youtube, and you have to use Rockplayer or Moboplayer instead of the generic videoplayer if you want to see videos on it. Skype also doesn’t appear to work, and if it does it doesn’t do video chat. yet.

05/24/11 @ 13:37
Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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