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Worked on Orac last night


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Worked on Orac last night

Well, Orac has a lot more cables behind it now...and wanting to get the cables back in the right place...more or less is kind of an issue now. Namely I wanted to make sure that the 5-bay enclosures were in the right location again...less so on the individual eSata drives (I knew where pair were which, since I had gotten red cables for the second pair), but the 5 bay's were using the supplied cables...so I needed to label them to tell them apart. This was in the hopes that when I put Orac back together that the drives would come back in the same location.

While...mdadm/lvm/etc don't require specific /dev/sd? mappings, it messes up my cacti graphing...which does depend on that. Specifically the graphs on temperature history of my drives....and the cooling fan mod I was doing here would directly affect one of the graphs.

I then got Orac apart and went to working on getting the fan attached to the harddrive cage. Well, there's a problem. To get at the screw holes, I would need to take out the primary drive....the secondary drive is the newer 1/3 height version, so it doesn't block those holes. But, there isn't really any holes on the far side of the cage to pass a screwdriver through to reach where the screw holes are for the fan. And, turns out I didn't have a screwdriver with a long enough blade to reach all the way across.

I mulled over trying to find some other way to turn the screws, or backing out and trying again some other day, or some other solution. In the end I got some cable ties, and cable tied the fan to the harddrive cage.

I put things back together and took a peek in the BIOS screens to see if it could see the new fan...it didn't, but there's a BIOS option on looking for fans....choices were never, next boot or always. It was set to never, so I set it to next boot...and tried again. Success, it now saw that there was a Chassis Inlet fan (that's what it thought the front connector was for, though that's not what the fan is doing)....guess its spinning at a higher RPM than the other cooling fans. Since I just bought the first 60mm x 10mm fan from a seller on eBay shipping by USPS, I didn't really look at other specs. Plus there wasn't a previous fan that it needed to match or better. In this case it was probably better than what Gateway would've provided in this case, though probably a bit noisier....though it was only noticeable because it was a new fan, but now its being masked by the other fans in the room....

Things were a bit odd coming back up....drive detection was slow....it happens, shutdown is different than reboot.... Which was kind of scary at first....and then a bit annoying, because the drives did come up with different letters.

I had also made a change to fstab, because I was playing around with ext4 journal settings to try to get better performance out of the backuppc pool. But, I had then applied some of those changes to other ext4 filesystems in Orac, At least I thought I was, but I had gotten it wrong and it wasn't happy about it.

So I straightened that out and rebooted again. Well, drives were back at better letters....wasn't too concerned about the external RAID 1 sets, and didn't look, but the important thing was that the 5-bay enclosures had the same letters.... and that the RAID 1 sets were on the same pair of letters.

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