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Worked on Orac last night


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Worked on Orac last night

This time it got more annoying though. Orac is an Ubuntu server (64-bit)...so its not supposed to have the fancy graphic splash screen stuff when its booting up. But, apparently they changed it so that it only shows fsck progress for those desktop types, and not us server types. So, it seemed to be stuck forever doing the forced check, because the mount count for /homes had been reached. I suppose I could've canceled, but I do want it to do the forced checks now and then.

Though /homes was still the original ext3 filesystem from before I started experimenting with other filesystem types, resulting in some new filesystems created as ext4 and another that I converted (having tried the conversion procedure elsewhere first). But, I have had problems of corruption of ext4 filesystems.

Though it appears now the issue is resizing ext4 filesystems. Which is a problem, since some of my other filesystems are getting full...so I'm going to want to grow them at some point. I found other people complaining of issues with ext4, particularly with growing... In the past, I had done online resizing...and, then I would get errors in dmesg some point in the future and be forced to reboot and have it fsck....forever, with no signs of life or progress....and come back the next morning to see the result. So, the last time I needed to grow my backuppc pool, I did it as an offline grow...and forced fsck's before and after the process.

The before fsck found no problems, but after the grow (3.75TB to 3.8TB)....it was messed up, and filled my lost+found directory with lots of stuff, etc. Backups after that complained a lot more, tried to relink my pool...but it didn't really help a whole lot. So, when I moved backuppc to new array...I had started over from scratch and this time, I just made the whole space the filesystem (5.45TB)...though I'm sure somewhere down the road, I'm still going to need to grow it. That should be fun.

Think when I redo the other array, I'll make new bigger ext4 filesystems to replace some of the ones I'm outgrowing....guess I'm waiting for my backuppc to reach steady state again, before I use it to expand those filesystems... Because I don't want to risk not knowing that I lost something important from doing a resize2fs on the current ext4 filesystem. Or something. :hmm:

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