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Worked on Orac yesterday


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Worked on Orac yesterday

Yesterday, I decided that I should poke around Orac in preparation for building that new 5x2TB RAID5 array. My backuppc pool keeps filling up, and deleting old backups isn't freeing up enough space anymore (5x1.5TB RAID6 array.)

At first it was just going to be a simple procedure to add two eSata cables from the computer to the Sans Digital MS2T+B, and then shutdown and move the two 1TB drives in RAID 1 from the bottoms slots of my TR5M-B (upper 3 are unoccupied). But, as I was pushing on the cables the bracket popped in...so I had to open the case to put it back in place.

While I was in, I decided to see what kind of fan is on the drive cage. A couple of weeks earlier, I had gotten a SMART alert of high temperature and cacti showed that there was a rise for a few hours in the late evening. It had been warm that day, warm enough that I touched the AC briefly in the earlier part of the evening. Guess I needed it to stay on the rest of the evening.... But, there was no fan...though there were mount holes for a fan, and there's supposed to be a fan connector on the motherboard for it. Though not all models had one, so evidently not the GT5635E. Though wonder if I should, maybe the addition of the second internal drive makes it desirable (so far I've had to replace the second drive twice....the current one is now a newer generation than the original drives, and runs cooler.)

Since there wasn't a fan, I didn't take the cage out....so I didn't measure what size fan might go in the spot. Though I have a rough guess as what size it is, so perhaps later on I'll pick up a fan to put there. I should probably see about a new rear fan....perhaps a faster one might help.

But, I put things back together and moved the drives, started things back up.

Of course, the first problem is now all my drive letters are different....which messed things up like cacti (hddtemp recording), gkrellm and rc.local (where I changed the i/o schedule for the RAID6 array drives to noop). There was also the complication that the filesystem on the drives I just moved hadn't been fsck'd in over 6 months. So, it needed to fsck them. root also needed be fsck'd. It took a long time to boot, but eventually did. Though the filesystem on the moved RAID1 array hadn't finished checking...had set 'nobootwait' on filesystem. I'll probably remove those now...since they have fixed Bug #563916. But, after fixing rc.local (and before fixing cacti) I rebooted....so it still needed to do the fsck.

Later I still had to reboot again, because two services that reference the filesystem....weren't happy...well, one was really unhappy and the other wasn't reporting valid information for it and needed a restart to make it work (I couldn't probably have fixed the issue without a reboot, but I wanted to make sure it rebooted right after another change I had made. There's still something odd going on, affecting a different RAID1 array....will look into that later (or I could opt to move the filesystem to the RAID6 array)....since it could use a grow.

I had been tracking 2TB drives for a while, waiting once again for them to drop below the $100 threshold. And, a while back then did. And, then they dropped by even more...2TB Seagate 5900RPM (32MB cache/SATA II) drives were like $70, and then I saw 2TB Hitachi Coolspin (32MB cache/SATA III) were coming down towards that....at one point it got down to ~$75. But, trying to find a good day to shoot Amazon Prime for was a problem. And, it seems I waited an hour too long. Because on Saturday the prices started going back up. While I was checking things....it reported that there's a newer Seagate drive (2TB/64MB cache/SATA III) for the same price...though it wasn't Amazon Prime eligible (though sold by Amazon).... But, then the price of the Hitachi drives went up to $89...I debated whether I would still pay this or not. A friend had recommended the Hitachi over the Seagate, wondered if the Japan thing was starting to affecting pricing now. I decided that I should go ahead, but that I could stick with Seagate (since pretty much all the other drives in Orac are Seagates)....but the 2TB Seagate drive had also gone up (to $92).

So, I stayed with ordering the Hitachi drives....and should see them in two-days....

Hopefully, things'll be able to reach a steady state on the new backuppc filesystem. The backuppc I run at work has been holding pretty stead at under 200GB.

Though I guess the backuppc volume was doing okay before Zen's arrival.... Wonder if I want to bother with LVM or not starting straight out with the entire array for backuppc. Don't plan on putting any first instance of data on it.

Wonder where the other recent tech purchases fall this week. :hmm:

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Well, one of rebooting it lots issues was that I had set an external bitmap on the RAID6 array. Internal bitmap was seriously impacting performance on it (though I use internal bitmaps on the RAID1 arrays, and it has come in handy a few times).

But, the external bitmap kept going away on reboot. Apparently it is an unsolvable bug that is known. Not sure if its because all the other filesystems on orac are in RAID…and it is wanting the external bitmap to not have RAID under it. Not sure how I would try that….

03/29/11 @ 13:40
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