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Zen is back, with a little help from Acronis True Image Home 2011


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Zen is back, with a little help from Acronis True Image Home 2011

So, I wiped out the backup that Acronis TIH had made, and tried the other back up option....image backup seemed kind of boring, though it did compress and result in a smaller image file than Microsoft's, and it seemed that it could do incrementals after the image. Also verify can be a useful thing to do after a backup, but it was acting weird. Well, by default it automatically checks the box to not do verify when the machine isn't idle. And, BOINC makes the machine look non-idle. Hmmm... :hmm:

I set things up and then forgot about while I continued to get other things going and try to get to the other new things....the new things that arrived the day Zen had crashed.

Later, I wondered just how fast the incrementals were, and if I could bump up the frequency....

Only to discover that it didn't run any incrementals. Nothing since the initial image on April 4th. Huh? :??: So, I went through the settings more carefully and told it to go, including having it email me. Well, it emailed me that it nearly got there and then wanted me to tell it what to do. But, I'm not where, so it eventually gave up and removed all its work. Guess a lot had changed, and there wasn't room?

I continued to mess around, but couldn't seem to get that to do anything useful. So, it could do single backup, where it creates the new backup and then removes the old once the new backup is complete. That didn't work either, because it decides there's not quite enough room for a second full...seems there's some threshold where it'll stop working before the disk reaches 100%.... Well, that's no good. Maybe I'll try file backup and incrementals....it seemed to do something, but even though there was over 400GB of free space on the drive, it would refuse to do an incremental....even though pretty sure not that much had changed since the last incremental (was doing 2 a day...but not 12 hours apart). Lame.

Guess I'll go do non-stop backup again....meanwhile the Microsoft Image backup had gotten interrupted, so I didn't have a complete image....but was going to wait until the next scheduled run, because I wanted the non-stop backup to run and get to where it should have everything.

But, then I noticed it had stopped, and couldn't seem to get it to start back up again....until I rebooted. Later I read that it pauses when things are busy, and if things stay busy too long it just stops until the next day or a reboot. So much for non-stop!

Then this morning, while I was doing my morning routine and listening to the non-stop backup running and it working away to defrag my harddrive....explorer froze (the tray clock stopped updating, and I couldn't get it to respond to any clicks.... eventually, it responded to Ctrl-Alt-Del and I told it to reboot). And, eventually things were going again, so I went to work (plus I had moved Microsoft's Image Backup to run during the day on Wednesday, since it should be fast enough not being hit by backuppc at the same time...and doing just BOINC. and finish before I get home from work.)

For some reason I tried to access my home computer from work before heading home....Oh yeah, I was going to see about kicking off a full backup with backuppc, and wanted to see if the Microsoft backup was done yet. Well, ssh connected and I entered my password and then nothing. So I tried VNC. It connected, I entered my password and then nothing. So, checked cacti...and it seemed to have stopped shortly after I had left (around when the image backup was to start).

I had noticed in the morning that the non-stop backup wasn't being too friendly with the rest of the system, but didn't associate the lock up with it. But, now as I was forced to power cycle the computer and once again recover again. Stuff was missing, but nothing seemed broken. Though it is off doing the initialize, and later verify/repair of the RAID array again. I think that's going to get old if that's going to happen every time the machine doesn't get to shutdown properly. Hmmm, now that I think of it...it seemed to have to do resync's on the work computer whenever I gave up waiting for it to shutdown on its own and clicked the force button. Though work computer is doing RAID1 using the OS and Dynamic Disks.

Of course, now that I know the ICH8R isn't hardware RAID.....(work computer also has ICH8R, but it came from Dell with only a 250GB drive and was upgraded to a pair of 500GB drives, mirrored...and I hadn't read about the Intel Rapid Storage or Matrix RAID stuff yet, so didn't know that I could go that route.).....starting to feel worse about things.

Yet, orac, my ubuntu file server, is doing lots of software RAID and I've never had this kind of trouble (there has been trouble, but not like this.)

As I was getting Zen working again, patching and rebooting, I decided that I needed to not use non-stop backup. Trying to figure out how to make the service not start while it was booting, and it running and making the windows start menu or quick launch a spinning circle...I decided that maybe its just not meant to be, and I'll just remove Acronis True Image Home 2011 altogether.

Darn, it needs me to reboot after the uninstall.

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