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Zen is back, with a little help from Acronis True Image Home 2011


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Zen is back, with a little help from Acronis True Image Home 2011

So, things are back, and I have no backups anywhere now. Slowly doing fulls of other things to repopulate the backuppc pool...before I do Zen, and other remote (from Orac) systems that would contain a significant amount of files that the local backup of Orac would include.

I go to kick off the missed Microsoft Image backup. Except that clicking the link the control panel does nothing. I tried from the Action Center, still nothing. I try googling to see if there's a way to invoke it command line...maybe in the crash, there's something that's still bad.

While searching around, I wondered if when I integrated Acronis True Image Home with Windows, if it had messed something up...and eventually I find messages that confirm that.

Eventually, I found this post:

*****NEWS ALERT******

Problem Solved for EVERYONE!!!!!! Or at least I am sure that many of you will find that you can fix the problem. Again it is a shame that Acronis didn't resolve this sooner.

You have to go to the registry and go to [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{B98A2BEA-7D42-4558-8BD1-832F41BAC6FD}\Instance\InitPropertyBag]. The problem is that Acronis took ownership of this location keeping you from updating the key. Follow the steps below and it will allow you to make the required changes.

( taking ownership ) I went to that key and successfully took ownership...
1. Click on key and select properties.
2. click on "advanced"
3. select "owner tab"
4. change "System" or "Trusted Installer" to yourself "Name Administrator Blah Blah" Click Apply... OK
5 Back at original "permissions screen"... click on the name you just selected and "tick off the check box" to give yourself "full control" Sometimes it even appears "Grayed out"... you can still check it off.
6.That should do the trick
7. Now change the ResourceDLL to "%SystemRoot%\System32\sdcpl.dll"
8. Finally change the ResourceID to "14". [note that this is in hexadecimal]

And, now that backup is off and running.

Guess, I'm still looking for a local backup solution for Zen....

While I had thought Acronis True Image Home was working for me, I was working on making the external drive faster....switch from USB 2.0 to eSATA. Though then I had started thinking of buying a USB 3.0 drive. Which became a greater possibility when I kept running out of space. It was either buy a 3TB USB 3.0 drive (one that is with software or without?)....the with software one was $172+tax from Amazon.com, or $200+tax from the University computer store. Price difference was a bit too much to rationalize getting it faster than prime. Plus I couldn't get myself to pull the trigger on the $172, definitely couldn't get me to do $200.

Though it seemed there were two versions of the WD My Book....I forget what the extra bit after it is...but the difference seemed to be whether there was backup software bundled with drive or not. And, the without was about $20 cheaper on Amazon. Though it doesn't seem to exist anymore (maybe it was an older model), and the $172 is now $183. But, I had thought I saw that model at the University computer store for $135. Which I could've gone for, except on closer inspection...the dymo label to make it more noticeable on the shelf was wrong, and it was actually only a 2TB drive and it was priced in line with the other drives of that model (since the dymo label was added later to make it stand out on the shelf.... The 2TB from Amazon was less than $135, and I didn't feel it would be big enough anyways.

So, I started thinking maybe its time to break down and finally get a Drobo....and found that they have a 5-bay Drobo S with USB 3.0, I did order Zen with USB 3.0 ports....so that is likely what I'll go with. I don't know what I'll have for usable storage initially...but I do have a few 1.5TB drives around (the pair that is currently the mirrored external backup, though just before this latest crash...I had thought about flipping the switch and re-making it RAID 0 so that i could have backups until I get the Drobo, plus a 1.5TB drive that freed up from the recently Orac drive happenings....I really do plan to blog about it....plus I'll likely free up the 2 1TB drives on Orac too.)

And, I'm sure its just a matter of time, before I get newer and/or bigger drives here or there....

Though I wasn't planning to get to the Drobo until after Zen is paid for. Not sure how overlapping 6 month no interest offers work. Though I think this definitely means the new printer is getting pushed by at least another 6 months. A couple days before the big crash, I was cursing out the old printer thinking that it was definitely time to replace it (the old printer is like 6 years old, and replacing it ... isn't just because there's no full feature Windows 7 driver for it.) Though the new HP (laser) printer I had been looking at, doesn't have full Windows 7 drivers for it either.... starting to look like I might go with a Brother laser printer (again)....

my first laser printer was a Brother...though that was a bad experience. An, HL-630, with its print everything with grey background issue....had gotten it swapped under extended warranty when I got it, but it still had the problem. I bought it from Future Shop back when I lived in Canada, and it had made the trip down the US with me. Though I don't recall when I retired it. I suspect, when I got an inkjet printer with duplex capability was part of the reason....or not having a home network then and needing to put it in another room so that it would be on a separate circuit....

Guess that was the year after I moved down....when I got the HP 970cxi, which was prompted because the seldom used Epson Stylus that I was using for color and photoprinting, became too much of an expense and hassle for that occasional use. Having nozzles as part of the cartridge seemed the solution. The move to the Photosmart 8450 was part due to a vacation, and having a bunch of photos I wanted to print...and the old printer not being well supported by new OS... and it having some weird printing issues that seemed to start after I started using remanufactured cartridges in it. With the 8450, I have stayed with real HP ink.... Though it does seem to be getting noisier now....guess it is the same age as the 970cxi was when it was replaced...

Someday I might get a new inkjet, perhaps the next time I find myself wanting to print a ton of photos....

Oh well....back to working on see if Zen will ever been stable again, and trying to catch up or finally spend some time with the new stuff I got before this trouble began.

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