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Glasses are fixed


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Glasses are fixed

At first I contemplated making a bus trip during this week to fetch them, but it just didn't seem to be fitting into my schedule or the heat. So, I eventually gave in and put in a redelivery request for Saturday...which the post office often forgets to do, after I waste a whole Saturday sitting at home when I could've gone out, etc. (its been a few weeks since I've done my weekly Saturday grocery store run...) And, then when I complain...they make some excuse like they did notify the carrier, but he wouldn't leave it because I wasn't there....even though I watched the carrier go by without stopping. Yet, there are plenty of other times where the carrier will leave packages on my door step (like the TiVo Premiere Elite that I recently got....)

So, I put in the redelivery request....for today, July 21st. And, the carrier does show up eventually....FedEx came first, with my CPAP.com order of the new F&P Pilairo....in the usual ring and run type home delivery (guess it depends on whether a signature is required or not, usually not....which is kind of why I tend to favor companies that ship using FedEx ground first, and the USPS second.... Though UPS My Choice and Amazon Prime have kind of shifted things....) Wonder what kind of FedEx overnight they use for Xyrem deliveries?

Anyways...now that my package has been delivered...I can finally leave my condo....so I go and check my mailbox. And, what do I find.... redelivery notice for the package I just received. Hmmm. Were they assuming that when I say that I stay home and wait all day on the day that I requested deliveries before isn't true...or did its actual delivery come in a separate trip. Hmm... :hmm:

Well, concluded that the tray app on my Ubuntu desktop is stuck...and its much hotter than it says it was (it was saying 84, it was actually 96)...decided that mail would be the extent of my trip outside today. FWIW, tray app is now reporting 102.... while my outdoor temperature sensors say north side is 95 and south side is 98. If I'm going to spend so much more time sitting at orac, than zen...I should probably relocate the readouts. But, that's another blog post I owe....

Back in the cool of my bedroom (the coolest place in my home)...I did the lens transplant of my prescription lenses from damaged frame to the new frame I got from LenseRx. After I bit of puzzlement over the fact that I was able to put the first lens on the wrong side and trying make sure that I was really getting it back into the right side. It was a success.

Now should I be puzzling over the fact that these are the bendable memory metal frames, that got bent and couldn't be saved??? Or just hope that I can still pursue LASIK as planned. I don't think I'm going to get the hang of progressives....and can't get lined bifocals with the huge power that is my left eye.

Never mind....its time for a nap. :zzz:

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