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I almost needed to buy a new router...


  11:24:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 1720 words  
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I almost needed to buy a new router...

Link: http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0028ACYEK/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=la34thdr34chs-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0028ACYEK

Next morning I decide to poke at the bricked router some more...this time I get add one of my extra switches into the mix. Finding that extra outlet near my 'bed top' work area was a challenge, I should probably get a new power strip or something if this is going to be a regular thing. :hmm:

But, after lots of gyrations...still nothing. So, I do some more google searching, and try creating the requested setup carefully based a forum post. Namely, laptop has to be, and add arp table entry for using the SSID printed on the router as MAC. Forget trying to ping it. And, just tftp it 1-9 counts after plugging it in.

I'm convinced its the last part that tripping me up....anyways still no go. But, just as I'm about to give up, I happen to type 'dmesg'. And, I notice that UFW is blocking from talking to my laptop. :roll:

So, I disable UFW...and try again...first time, it looks like its at least talking to the router, but it fails to transfer. Try kicking off the tftp sooner than my 9 count. It transferred...but nothing. Guess it needs one of the official Buffalo encrypted images. The provided URL in the dd-wrt wiki points to a page that seems to suggest it might find it, but selecting WHR-HP-GN, results in nothing. Eventually, I track down the download page for the WHR-HP-GN from its product information page.

Hmm, it has official build as 14998, but it has an Alpha build available now as 17798 (Dec 05, 2011). The available BrainSlayer builds jump from 17201 to builds after this...(17967 -> 18024). I had tried 18007, but the throughput was much worse that 17201, so I had switched back. Don't know if 18024 would help or not. Other people had reported more serious issues, so more likely those were the changes between 18007 and 18024. I haven't looked at the change log. It was tedious enough trying to go through and see what all changed between 17201 and 18007 (I gave up somewhere...)

I get the 14998 .enc file, and try tftp'ng that. Success! :cool:

Its factory reset...so I continue recovery, by upgrading to 17201 through the web interface and then restoring my nvram from the last backup (which are now done nightly, but had been interrupted while Orac was down...).

I swap it into place, and everything seems to be working fine.

But, I'm still not satisfied...I still want the iptables I had built on there. I considered that I could just script the router to pull it off of Orac everytime it boots, though since the recent extended Orac outage (and that I used to use 'lhaven' to do this kind of stuff..but 'lhaven' has been MIA for 7.5 months now.... Keep thinking of building something from scratch to replace it, but just never seem to get around to starting. Suppose I should decide on what to build it around and get on it someday....even if it takes months to acquire all the pieces and some of them obsolete and get succeeded along the way....its not like that's happened before. Just go on that its going to happen eventually. Except now I'm going to be hampered by the floods in Thailand, which sound like its going to be a few years anyways.

Anyhoo...I look at the firmware mod kit again. This time, I go through the rootfs to see if there's anything I can do without that would get the image size down. I don't use all the features of the router, but trying to decide if its something that it won't use behind the scenes before it decides that I don't need it...or it actually does need it, even if I think I don't. Okay....I've zero'd out some conf files....I settled on not using any of the l7 stuff, because the provided ones are protocol only...don't seem to look for ports or other specifics. Where I've been doing it through iptables on my old WRT54GS for some time now, since its been so old...it hadn't gotten any l7 updates, plus neither the old or current l7 stuff handle encrypted bittorrent that well. But, I know what ports and IPs are doing that on my home network, so my own iptables rules can catch those.

This time it doesn't warn of image size...it pads the image be the same size as the original. And, I update my router with this new image....

It works! :cool:

I update my rc_firewall to the new iptables, and that seems to be working. At least from looking at hit counters. Don't know if its helping responsiveness through my router or not. The kind of traffic it mainly catches with that rule isn't currently happening at the moment. Wonder if want to apply this firmware mode to my DSL router now?

Later I continue to make more tweaks to my rc_firewall. Having more nvram than I did on my WRT54GS means I can do more here now. Still working. Guess I'll call it a night and see what mischief I can get into on the weekend or later...

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