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It's the end... but the moment has been prepared for. Sort of...


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It's the end... but the moment has been prepared for. Sort of...

But, then earlier in the day (21st), I saw a 50" LED TVs....and it looked like it would be thin enough to fit. So, I started some quick research on the subject. And, there it seemed that pretty much I was limited to Samsung.... but then I started checking reviews and such. First I was looking at a low end model. Reviews were mixed, plus there were negatives about it not being a Smart TV. And, only had 2 HDMI ports. So I looked the Smart TV, and there were negatives about it not being 3D and only 3 HDMI ports. And, it was about $350 more in price...though I waited too long and it went up to close the gap to $100. Since, I had envisioned that I would get 50", 1080p, LED and 3D as my future target, I decided to see what the 3D would cost me. Hmm, $100 more. Guess I can live with that, though it uses active 3D glasses...and I hear passive are the way to go. Also still only 3 HDMI ports. Ideally, I'd want something with 5 HDMI ports. But, that wasn't likely given my constraints. Though I still have my DVI switcher, which will do what I need (wish I had gotten the HDMI5 when it was still around, there just doesn't seem to be anything like it on the market...and no sign that they'll ever come out with anything like it again.)

So, I pulled the trigger and ordered a Samsung UN50ES6500F from Best Buy. Probably not the best in what's out there... but in my price range. and it has the main features I want. I can worry about getting something better should I decide to upgrade where number 2 is. (currently a 23" widescreen monitor, HDMI, but no speakers....but with a 3 HDMI in soundbar to make up for it. Just haven't moved the Roku over to it, because I'm still using its remote to select the input on my HDVI5 switcher...instead of reprogramming it to work off of the TiVo remote for the input. And, I have that Boxee box somewhere to set up still. And, I don't know if I would resurrect the old Apple TV or not. Since, I don't have a computer with iTunes anymore. Perhaps someday when I get that new Mac.

Strange that I couldn't imagine living without a full time Windows machine, that I have been, since my may Windows computer died back in February and I still haven't gotten to where I can attempt to recover data from my backups. Let alone on how to run the few things I can't do on Linux or FreeBSD. Though these are starting to look like my main systems.

Plus one of these days, I should break down and get a Blu-Ray player finally.

Meanwhile...its the 29th...Saturday and its here! :cool:

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