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It's the end... but the moment has been prepared for. Sort of...


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It's the end... but the moment has been prepared for. Sort of...

However things didn't go all that smoothly. First I thought the free delivery included removal, basic set up and removal of packing material. Apparently...its just an or. They removed the old TV, and that was that. I was left with unpacking it and setting it up, which I managed to do, despite it saying its a two man job. The hard part was getting the panel onto its base. And, the box is huge....slim, but huge. I guess they took care of the important one of the three....

Though I ran into a problem....I got a DVI to HDMI cable to connect the output of the HDVI5 to the new TV, and it didn't work. I suspected the cable. So, I pondered what to buy in another cable. Since I'm driving an HDMI monitor on Zen from a DVI port of a video card....I figured I'll get what I'm doing there. A DVI->HDMI adapter and an HDMI cable. One of three that I got off of Woot a long time ago. But, just in case what should I do instead?

While I was pondering this situation, I decided to check out the Smart TV stuff...well, that's kind of a disappointment. I had set up wired network in the initial setup....which was complicated by the fact that I can't seem to find an extra ethernet cable....I was sure I had gotten some extras recently....but I guess maybe I used them. Getting it to work on my network was complicated by the fact that I kept reading the MAC address wrong off the screen (it wasn't printed anywhere outside before hand)...so it kept picking the wrong IP and not being able to get out. I probably won't tweak the QoS for it, since I intend to replace the current router with some new stock one soon....since the current has been locking up lately, and sometimes the watchdog isn't enough to get it to recover.

Well, I did pickup a Rosewill 5-in-1 HDMI switch a while back, though its not really that good and I'll ultimately want something with audio break out to get my surround sound system back into the mix. And, I still have 2 HDMI cables left from Woot. So, I sketched out what I would need as a minimum out of both scenarios and set off towards work to get the cables. A DVI 2 HDMI adapter, and 3 HDMI cables....of >6'. On the way back I got distracted by work stuff...and stayed way longer than I had intended. I then rushed home....hoping to get things set up before the fall finale of Doctor Who started.

In the end, another DVI to HDMI bid failed. So, that means I'll use the Rosewill switch in the meantime. Hmmm, I had forgotten that the Woot HDMI cables were 12', so I guess I couldn't just gotten 2 of 3 HDMI cables in 6' or less. So, I connected my four TiVo's to the HDMI switch to the new display. Hmmm, the order of the ports is backwards from what would seem logical to me....so I switch them around so that 1 is TiVo 1, 2 is TiVo 2, etc. And, I'm ready to watch the final episode (until Christmas, wonder how I'm going to do that this year...since I'll be on holidays....) of Doctor Who....just 5 minutes to spare.

Now my remote situation has turned into a mess again....maybe I should try setting up that univeral remote I had gotten from Woot a while back. Though first I want to study up on this HDMI-CEC that the TV does... perhaps getting an HDMI Switcher that does it, will help get things under control again. Though I might also be looking for a new receiver...the current one is over 12 years old. Though given the DVI to HDMI problem, I may be looking for a new DVD player...though the old one supposedly doesn't need HDCP, which I'm thinking might be the issue preventing the HDMI to DVI to HDMI setup from working. But, it might finally be time to seriously look at getting a Blu-Ray player, especially now that I have a 3D TV.

Oh well....things to ponder for when I can afford these other things.

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