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lhaven misstep - nForce4 blows OCZ


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lhaven misstep - nForce4 blows OCZ

So back to lhaven....I decide to pull the trigger, and wipe out the Windows XP and make it complete xubuntu...and after a little while...its working and I've got a number of BOINC projects running and that's that.

Some customizations after that...but its pretty much just BOINC. I did eventually get around to figuring out how to do CUPS client/server in my home network....largely because of the DCP7065DN issue, but turns out the other project could still talk to it directly and that might become my main CUPS server instead.....

After several days...it occurs to me that lhaven is still running solidly. So, was it just crappy Windows that made the computer bad.

Around the 1 week up time mark, it shows some disk errors. Hmmm, maybe the internal drive is failing...and Windows just can't handle that like Linux can.

lhaven continues to chug along without too much trouble...though it does occasionally freeze trying to deal with its bad drive.

But, that's ok...now that lhaven is working well...I'm starting to look at putting some upgrades into it. Originally it came with 32-bit Windows XP, but I put on the 64-bit xubuntu....so it now make sense to upgrade it from the 2GB it came as to its maximum 8GB. And, eventually, I got a coupon from NewEgg that led to this happening. Meanwhile, I had been looking online for inexpensive small SATA drives....to replace the failing 80G one.

Well, there aren't anything...and, it seemed wasteful to stick a 500G or 1TB drive into this computer. Well, the price of SSD drives have fallen into reasonable range...and I had picked up a few 120G SSDs for other projects around home. So while I was looking at the memory upgrade for lhaven, I spotted a 60GB SSD (OCZ Solid 3) for a good price....all the SSDs I've gotten had good SATA III numbers...but so far I don't own anything that does SATA III :)

So, one weekend, I pulled the trigger and opened up lhaven. And, swapped its 4x512MB DIMMs for 4x2GB DIMMs and then migrated from its 80GB HDD to the 60GB SDD. I also built a DOS thumbdrive around this time, to finally get around to updating the BIOS....and various other boot cds to help with the process, and later recovery work.

While I was checking the OCZ site, to see how I should tune XFS to work best on it. And, to see about getting performance out of it (like get it to come up as SATA II, and not just SATA I). Plus there was angry sata bus resets. I saw new firmware, along with a tool to force SATA II. Well, it got things up in SATA II....but the angry sata problems continued to happen.

Next day...system wasn't behaving....Everything I typed into bash, returned a python error. I would work after a reboot...but a few days later, the system was scrambled. So, I had to recopy the system again from the old HDD. Right when I was doing this upgrade, somebody on #k-slug was commenting that it looks like they're going to have to replace their computer to work with SSD drives. I started googling...and found lots of stuff about nVidia's nForce 4 chipset and OCZ SSDs.

I tried all kinds of kernel parameter tweaks and such (like noapic, acpi=off, libata.noreset)....it seemed to stabilize things a bit.... Eventually, it would get into the strange run state, where it couldn't be shutdown or rebooted gracefully, and emit python errors to bash commands...requiring the button hold. But, it didn't seem to corrupt the SSD like it had before...so I limped along while I went back to figuring out what I should do about replacing my Dell Optiplex 740 (probably some comparable off-lease from Lenovo...so I could reuse the memory I just bought.)

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