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lhaven misstep - nForce4 blows OCZ


  10:06:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 1662 words  
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lhaven misstep - nForce4 blows OCZ

So, I conclude the that since its the nForce 4 SATA controller that is the issue, I would get a different SATA controller for this computer. There's a low profile x16 and PCI slot in the computer...and I'm still holding out for the future possibility of a graphics card....so I go looking for a low profile PCI SATA controller.

I end up going with a SY-PCI40026, via Amazon Prime. And, its my Friday night project....

Hmmm, run into a problem....the SATA ports are along the top of the card....and the SATA cables in the computer...are straight one end, and right angle on the other. Well, I need left angle SATA cables...since the card is right flush on the outside edge...so no room to go anywhere useful after going right. I look around, but all I have are other right angle SATA cables. So, I go online and order some left angle ones. Meanwhile, I happen to go shopping on Saturday...and stop in at Best Buy. And....they have left angle SATA cables....$20 each, versus the ~$4 ones I had ordered online already....but I decide that really want to do this...so I end up buying a couple.

Sadly...I could not get the computer to boot off of a drive connected to this card...a bios upgrade of the card seemed to help, but not enough. The PCI card wouldn't work the DVD burner right, and putting the built in SATA controller back into the mix made a mess. And, its my only working DVD burner at the moment....

I eventually throw in the towel and call it a night.

The next morning....it occurs to me....when I was googling, most of the hits were OCZ's forums....I wonder what's going on with the other SSD vendors. In 120GB SSDs, I had gotten an OCZ, a Crucial and a Mushkin. The OCZ Vertex 3 had already found its way into another computer. And, someday I intend to upgrade my two laptops to SSDs. Still haven't decided what Ubuntu 12.04LTS to use yet. One I might just do the release upgrade...since it was installed 64-bit. While the other one was pre-10.04LTS and I had opted to install 32-bit, due to software compatibility issues then. But, word was 64-bit was now the way to go....so plan to do at least one full reinstall on a laptop. Might make sense to go xubuntu or lubuntu on here. Though I've been eyeballing Linux Mint 13, too.

Anyways...in my quick google search, I'm not finding much trouble out there for either Mushkin or Crucial with nForce 4. Since, I had the Muskin box open already (I had used the 3.5 bracket that came with it, to mount the OCZ drive into lhaven. I switched the OCZ Solid 3 out, and put in the Mushkin Chronos.) Sure 120G is overkill for this machine....but if it worked....I could live with it.

Though not perfectly. I was down one minor version from the current firmware, but updating didn't seem to do any thing different. The Mushkin Chronos is only seen as SATA I. Well, it otherwise seemed to be working...and its a bigger improvement than I needed already....so I let it be.

Well....several weeks have since gone by...and lhaven is still running fine.

So, its better than ok now. :cool:

Now I have one less computer headache at home.....wonder if I'll ever get caught up.

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