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Orac Lives


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Orac Lives

2-Day Prime meant December 29th...but surprise the new heat sink actually arrived on December 28th. But, I didn't get around to doing it until last night. And, it took longer than I expected then.

Largely because the old heat sink screwed into place...and I guess there's a retention bracket on the underside of the motherboard that makes that possible. But, I didn't want to take the motherboard out...I tried taking the other side off, but after lots of work and getting very close...I discover that surface the motherboard is attached to is solid, so there's still no access. I knew some cases were less solid back there. Why was this a problem. The new cooler uses expansion pins instead of screws. But, the pins don't fit into the screw holes, they want the regular holes....

Well, the CPU cooler supported a number of different sockets, and came with some brackets and (2) screws for AMD use. Those screws would fit...so I used those to mount the CPU cooler bracket, and then I looked around for two more screws. Found a couple in my junk box (probably from gutting some previous PC) that worked.

I then closed things up, and connected orac back up....and hmmm, I expected it to start booting up the moment I plugged the power cord back in (which by the way is upside down from before, so I might have to rerun it someday...its pretty heavy but don't know why its resisting the half twist so much.) So, I hit the power button. Nothing. :##

I start to pull it all apart again to see if something got missed inside, when I notice that this new power supply has a power switch on it. So, plug it back in...and this time flip the power switch on the power supply to on.

Orac powers up. :cool:

I jump into the BIOS to check hardware monitoring and fan states. Its kind of erratic, I set the redetect fans options and give it a reboot....its still erratic. (fan is starting and stopping) So, I look at the fan control settings. Well, I had set aggressive response. It notes for more efficient coolers to not use it, etc. So, I set it high efficient mode (might switch to normal later.)

Reading conflicting information on 'curing'. Orac isn't really meant to be off ever, but I did have it off for a lot longer time period that I thought it should. So, perhaps I'll find some time to turn it off.

Now letting Orac boot all the way...I do things like install updates, run cron jobs that haven't run in while...and push it to do all the backup things that it does. Figuring that once its done, I would let it sleep. Though the backups are taking a while, so I leave it up overnight and let BOINC loose.

I note that CPU temperature is 62/65C (don't know why two cores are cooler than the other two cores, but its always been this way)...used be 70C (+/- 2C)...so that's an improvement....though a pair of external drives (old TiVo Expanders) seem to be running hotter (could be because I put lhaven on the desk with those drives....and they aren't actively cooled.)

Overnight, being the first Sunday...mdadm checkarray runs...and I get SMART warnings for those two drives. Temperatures really went up. Eventually, I remember that I have some USB computer fans that I had gotten, but never used, for supplemental cooling of Home Theatre components. So, I put one on top of the TiVo drives...and it drops the temperature about 15C. Wow. Though I also move the fan that was blowing toward the back of Orac...to the external drives on Orac and against the room heat register flow....and this seems to have caused the CPU temperature in Orac to go up 8 degrees. Might need to see about fans to move air behind Orac and lhaven.

The new linux server project might have to move up in priority now....though while running backups, I'm thinking TARDIS replacement needs to happen first. The old machine is so bloated and slow...I don't feel like doing software updates on it anymore. And, its pretty much just a full time BOINC machine now. Its probably down to just one thing left that I haven't moved anywhere...and not sure I care if it doesn't continue.

Though I should redo the space around it, if I do go through with the planned TARDIS regeneration....its gotten kind of cluttered around it from lack of use.

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