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ulkc has 8GB of memory


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ulkc has 8GB of memory

So, a while back I read that it would be possible to upgrade a number of older computers from spec'd maximum to a bit more.

Officially, the maximum supported memory of the Lenovo 3000 V200 (ulkc) is 4GB... My other laptop also supports a maximum of 4GB, but I suspect that between them, I should be able to upgrade one or both to 8GB. Though I prefer to have it work in this one, since I use this one more.

So, a while back I had a newegg coupon to get laptop memory, so I got a pair of the SO-DIMMs. But, then I set them aside....and forgot about them.

More recently, I picked up a new battery for this laptop...and had it in the bedroom to run down and see how much life I would get. Online they sell aftermarket batteries for 4800mAH and 5200mAH. Though it turns out the original battery was 5200mAH.... So, that's what I have....anyways it works. And, I let the laptop rundown. So, I was going to try the memory swap after that. Though that was a few days ago....

Distracted by another project. The kind that's preventing me from reading some of my email accounts. May have to rethink where I keep my imap server.

Anyways....the memory swap was pretty straight forward....unlike the other laptop which would require me to remove the keyboard (which I had already done when I upped it from the original 2GB to the max 4GB....wonder if it'll go to 8GB. Perhaps the next time I have coupon for laptop memory. PC2-5300 isn't likely to get cheaper.

Just as upgrading box might be a challenge, since PC3200 memory is really hard to find, especially unbuffered larger than 1GB sticks. Though have a project to replace box with a pair of newer computers (cbox/dbox)....

But, thought I need to get back into throwing out entries on the blog, and maybe just trash all the incomplete ones that I have been making.

Next project for ulkc will probably be to replace its HDD with an SSD, and to decide whether to upgrade the current OS or install fresh. When I got this computer way back, I had gone with 32-bit Ubuntu. And, now there's some suggestion that 64-bit is sufficiently capable. Though its not like I need to run anything that's 64-bit only or any single program that uses that much memory. And, PAE lets me see the 8GB.

Guess it depends on how interested I am in making the leap to a new OS. In some ways I'm not sure I really want to upgrade from 10.04LTS to 12.04LTS. Though I do want to make other upgrades, so eventually I'll suppose I'll have to upgrade to something. Or install new to something. Wonder where my extra 2.5" enclosures have wandered off to....or the most recent SSD that I purchased.


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