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zen resurrection


  09:58:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 1422 words  
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zen resurrection

So, I install FreeBSD 9.0 and I'm off on trying to get it going as my main desktop....except I can't get it work right on the Nvidia GT520 w/2GB. It would kind of start once, but kill the console and if it exited. I'd lose access to my machine completely.

Because I had gotten my work FreeBSD 9.0 machine working with its Radeon 5450 card, I decide to get the same model card for zen and try again. Even though the 5450 isn't listed as fully supported yet. It was kind of working at work, so had hoped to duplicate that at home.

It didn't...so I picked up a couple more Radeon cards...a 4670 that should be fully supported and a Professional V5700 card. Still no go. Meanwhile, the work display's quirks are starting to cause lots of problems....so I scronge an NVidia Quaddro FX1400 from a Sun Ultra 20, and that's working great.

So, I track down a Quaddro FX1700 for zen, and that works great too.

But, I can't get the RR62x card to work under FreeBSD. The native driver sees past the RAID....and wants to use it as JBOD, compiling the special driver makes it see a single drive, but its inaccessible.

So, having just lost the RAID0 copy of Oop!backup...I decided I really needed to find a way to get my data back again. I had built a RAID1 of 2TB drives, so I was ready to try again. I tried making a bootable Windows USB, but couldn't get that to work. And, remembering that I had gotten the CentOS of Xen to work....I decided to try to find a LiveCD CentOS to get at the data. After a few iterations, I got that to work...and copied the Oops!Backup data to the RAID1 array. And, then I got to thinking about the vhd file of WindowsImageBackup....could I mount that under VirtualBox....but I didn't have anywhere to save a copy of it. Scrounged up a 1TB external drive to use for that. (turned out to the external that used to be on Gumby...) Because it was taking too longer to scp the file across to ORAC. And, I wanted to be done with the CentOS LiveCD and turn the RAID5 into raidz....

Though as I tried and tried to copy from the external drive into the free space of a RAID1 partition on ORAC, the checksums didn't match. The checksum of the files on the external drive matched the original files. Eventually the 1.5TB drive of the RAID1 array that I was trying to copy into died. Guess, that's why. Guess, I'll just copy from the external disk after I nuke the rr62x RAID5 and make it ZFS raidz.

I limped the RAID1 array with a missing disk for a while....while I tried to decide what I would do to recover that situation. But, then disaster struck....the 2TB RAID1 array was unreadable. Well, it was a mix of a an ST2000DL003-RK and an ST2000DM001....finding those STx000DM001 drives to be pretty much junk. They only have 1 year warranties, so I guess Seagate thinks their junk too.

The work computer got a pair of ST1000DM003's initially....one disk failed soon after, got exchanged, and then the other drive started failing....got it exchanged....and then both drives are failing. That's ridiculous....so they've been replaced with a pair of 2TB Green Retail Kit drives....with 5 year warranties. They've been working fine.

So I took the ST2000DLxxx and mirrored against the 1.5TB drive, and later got another remove the 1.5TB drive from service (thought about adding as a hot spare to the raidz, but didn't get to...) There was a tricky process of matching an AdvancedFormat drive .... 4k vs 512byte. with the older drive. But, I figured out my own process, and added my process to this question.... here.

But, the end result was no more Oops!Backup to restore from. Though I do recall poking around in it before the loss, and it wasn't going to get back the information that I really needed, since it by default excludes those areas...and I had excluded those areas from the BackupPC backup as well. The VHD from the WindowsImageBackup was likely the only chance.

I eventually get the VHD back to zen, and try it....and it looks good, though the next reboot, its doing a chkdsk and corrupting it. I guess its having some trouble with the junction points actually....especially the recursive ones. So, I restore the VHD again, but this time I take a snapshot so that I'll always be able to revert.

Now to find time to wade through the mess of files, to remove the duplicates and figure out which file is good or bad when they aren't seen as duplicates, but should be. And, to get cracking on getting my mess back into some kind of sensible order, so that I can get back to looking at all the pictures I've been shooting and stuff.

This part of the story ends here.... )-o

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