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Finally got around to upgrading to b2evolution-5.0.5


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Finally got around to upgrading to b2evolution-5.0.5

Well, I got the upgrade from b2evolution 4.1.7 to 5.0.5 done today. There had been a few failed starts over the previous few weekends.

I had a plan on how I was going to do it, which was aided the 3 way diffs between my site, the b2evolution-4.1.7 code and the b2evolution-5.0.5 code. Later I did a diff of just my site and the b2evolution-4.1.7 code.

Since it was easier to spot what I had done this way, since pretty much everything in the 5.0.5 side was changed... making it hard for the tool to show where my site differs from the 4.1.7 code.

I did that there was some cruft from previous updates or files that weren't part of the diffs. Perhaps diffs only contained files that had changed between point releases, and omitted files that were new. Or diffs and releases were different on how they handled reorgs. Hmm....

Anyways...in the end it was find what customizations I had done, and apply those changes to the 5.0.5 code. Though I later found that there is now a place in the 5.0.5 code to insert custom data instead of editing the _html_header.inc.php and _body_footer.inc.php. Wonder if I'll go back and try that. Currently, that only affects one skin. The other skins I use, I made copies of so I'll may need to see if they need to be brought up to 5.x. One of the custom skins is based on one that comes with b2evolution, but I've changed it so heavily that it was kind of painful patching it as part of every upgrade....until I went with making it separate. Don't know why I didn't do that with all of them. Though the other skin I may or may not need to update is not one that comes with b2evolution, so it may or may not have been updated for 5.x. Especially, since the current is for 3.x.

Kind of frustrating thing with b2evolution....the lack of current 3rdparty skins and plugins for it.

Meanwhile, I'm sifting through the backoffice figuring out my way around.... first annoyance is the dashboard claiming posts that aren't public need moderation, no they just aren't public! Turns, its hard coded that posts that aren't public, deprecated or less need moderation. though was sure I a setting field in the database with just 'review' and 'draft', though not sure where to find in the interface to control that.

The other thing is no marking spam as spam in the stats, now called analytics...supposedly it has dynamic antispam now, so it'll figure out what is spam. Of course, I just upgraded, so it won't let me deal with what's already been logged. But, should be interesting to see how it works.

I had thought it would be a coming feature to use GeoIP with antispam, but I don't see that. Though I did find a GeoIP plugin, but that's just to preselect the country for user registrations (its kind of a nasty menu to scroll through otherwise...) But, I did get IP range settings in antispam. A bit better than a previous hack that I once used that did antispam by ip. Wonder if there's some way to automatically find out what IP range a bad IP is coming from (query whois?) and then flag that block as "unknown", "trusted", "suspect" or "block".....

There has been a huge surge in hits on my site since upgrading...so guessing I'm getting DoS'd already. Really wish I could try cloudflare with my site.

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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