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Home server migration ran into some cacti


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Home server migration ran into some cacti

Well, I eventually find the Percona monitoring plugins...and spend some time putting more hurt on my cacti server.

So, that it can generate graphs for the 3 places that I'm running MySQL, the 5 places that I'm running Apache and the 2 places that I'm running NGINX.

The load average on cbox is holding steady at just over 8 (its a D2700...dual core atom with HT, so its struggling....way more than the Pentium 4 that is box, though I wasn't doing the percona monitoring scripts, which I think was the bulk of the added load. But, I'm doing BOINC on box...in always running mode, since its doing Radioactive@home. (lhaven is doing quakecatcher.net.)

Probably not good for the tiny fanless box though.....wonder what summer will be like this year.

And, I still don't have everything that was in box, configured in cbox's cacti. Its taking a little over 50 seconds to process everything in each cacti poll....polling every minute. box is probably doing some kind of mix of things at 5 minutes and things at 1 minute....or always meant to see what cacti does polling every minute with most templates set to 5 minutes. Just know that things seem to still work with the cron polling out of step with the templates.

At work, we were having trouble with network counters....because 32-bit would wrap during each 5 minute interval. So, we just changed cron to fire every 2 minutes...nothing else was changed...and it worked.

Not sure what all services I'll need to migrate from box yet....other than the nagios which I had started, but have been meaning to switch to having source control and cfengine...so it'll also be a bit of an effort to migrate. Leaving irssi and tor. Guess orac's tor would go on cbox.... But, hopefully anything else I come across will fit onto dbox.

Anyways, I sent off a PR about net-snmp....meanwhile, wonder when cfengine-3.4.5 will appear....its getting really annoying having it complain about:

"* * * * * cacti /usr/local/php /usr/local/share/cacti/poller.php > /dev/null 2>&1"

Finally go looking to see if I should say anything, and find that its been closed/fixed....just recently too. Other cron lines added by cfengine go fine, but its the only one that starts with '*'....though there would been more, but didn't get that far in having cfengine3 do squidstats, which I decide now would be a good time to remove it.

Wonder how much longer before I get off of this cacti. :wave:

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