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Moving irssi


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Moving irssi

This one stumped me....while I had built irssi from source on my first Linux server...since its 2007 and that Linux server was still running RedHat 7.3, so I may have hacked the source to leave out the channel key. Since it hadn't been that long that I got cut off from being able to show off my prowess as a Software Maintenance Engineer. Fixing bugs in other people's code seems to have been one of my knacks as an Engineer.

I don't recall having to do it when I switched to Ubuntu. I couldn't find any evidence that I had tweaked its source, plus I think it had updated at least once during my time on Ubuntu and I wasn't holding it, etc. But, early on I had downloaded the sources to it, to see what configure options the Ubuntu version had been built with to see if that was the reason for my color/term problems. It had almost all the options on, until the FreeBSD default of mostly off. I turned some on, but not everything was exposed though nothing that I would consider of significance.

But, while browsing through the irssi sourcecode, I found the option 'chanmode_expando_strip'. Turning this on makes it strip off the channel key from the channel modes string.

Later I remembered that Ubuntu/debian has its equivalent of files and patching, so I looked to see what patches it had done...and there it was, a patch to make this option default to on. Made me think of the argument against change the default for atime to off on the freebsd-fs list.

By then, it was late Sunday and my regular IRC channels were busy with end of weekend chatter with work looming. So, I decided to go to bed early and see if I would be up to making the switch first thing in the morning. I wasn't so, I made the switch when I got home from work. Plus there were some minor issues, which I eventually figured out how a script I've been using works and how themes work...so that I could tweak the necessary bits to get me in the right direction.

Later I discovered another problem.... I had 'daily_clean_disks_enable="YES"' set in /etc/periodic.conf, with no override of 'daily_clean_disks_files'....the default has the pattern '[#,]*', which had the result of deleting all my IRC logs, and continued to remove them as things continued. :oops: re-rsync irclogs from box back to dbox, restore missing logs as best I could from backuppc and reduce the patterns in 'daily_clean_disks_files'.

And, continue to tweak theme and look for new scripts to refine my irssi experience.

However, the periodic freeze and jumping problem that was part of the prompting to move irssi continues to be a problem....suggesting that it might not be a load problem as I had originally thought. Chatting on IRC, it occurs to me that the multi-attach thing has only been recent and I think the problem started after I had switched to doing multi-attach by default. Wonder what's all connected besides my main session (zen)?

Heh...there's 3 other connections.... My FreeBSD workstation at work, my iMac at work and my Macbook Air...which isn't on, but connects using mosh.....compounded with the mosh-server running on cbox, which then ssh's to dbox to run screen. And, cbox is currently being driven into the ground while I update some ports....

Guess I'll kill off the other connections and see if it helps....though I might not notice as I turn my attention to other things I need to get done away from computer.

So, before I hit publish on this post....

...so while working on other issues relating to irssi, etc. I noticed that the CPAN installs, had package entries. So, I replaced them with the ports versions, so they'll stay current with the rest of my ports. But, that leaves WWW::Shorten::Yourls...not sure how that port reinstalled when a dependency changes....like the next minor version of perl...though I had opted to using 5.16 on these servers instead of the default 5.14, though partly because I had opted to take zen up to 5.16 when the default was changed from 5.12 to 5.14, which later seemed to be a mistake since it might get patched a little more frequently that 5.14... though it recently changed so that patch level increments won't result in major port rebuilds.

I start working on the new port www/p5-WWW-Shorten-Yourls, by using www/p5-WWW-Shorten-Bitly as the starting template. But, also work through the Porter's Handbook all the way through adjusting as needed. Where portlint complained about the Makefile header that I had adapted from www/p5-WWW-Shorten-Bitly, being old style. So, I fixed that up too. Later I noticed on CPAN, that both WWW::Shorten::Bitly and WWW::Shorten::Yourls are from the same author.

I installed it on zen just to see it work, and do other tests. And, then I thought I should capture my work in some kind of revision control, since I might have to make changes to it in the future. At first I was going to set up another local subversion repo, but I decided to be bold and create my first github repo. Not sure if I'll dump in all the other port hacks I've done in the past...perhaps the ones that haven't been accepted yet &#59;D Though probably need to get back to my learning git (at work) that I had started months ago, but have had to channel my free time into another task at work...

The PR for www/p5-WWW-Shorten-Yourls is ports/180547

Having done that I then displaced most of this weekend, trying to do another port....this one without distfiles, but from github. But, I couldn't seem to get USE_GITHUB, etc. to work...aside from there being no documentation on it, so I put that aside for now....though it might be that squid doesn't like fetch of GITHUB downloads in general...probably related the non-fatal size unknown issue with USE_GITHUB I had come across. Squid probably doesn't consider that a non-fatal problem.

Either I'll investigate the squid problem or just remember to not use proxy for such ports. Or, once I get the tar.gz, have copies on my websites like I do for that other port I've updated.... Don't think I saw a USE_SF_CVS or the like, to correspond to projects on SourceForge that only exist as commits in CVS on there.

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