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sqlite3 SECURE_DELETE and Firefox


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sqlite3 SECURE_DELETE and Firefox

I spent some time trying to see why PGO isn't working....in case its something in my environment that it doesn't like. Like that I normally manage ports in a screen session, this way I can work on ports from both home and work. Or compare how I did something at home vs at work, I use this setup on all three of my FreeBSD systems at home and on the FreeBSD system at work. Though I use the screen session on cbox/dbox for more than just ports, because its a quick and dirty way to open a root shell on the respective systems from my desktop. The normal alias requires me to be logged into the machine, and the .screenrc creates the root session with an initial working directory of /usr/ports. But, on my home desktop, I have additional aliases/configurations that are a little bit more direct.

Meanwhile, the next day there's an update to www/libxul. I forget if that's there because I had intended to use it, or its a dependency? It's a dependency of java/icedtea-web. I wasn't sure, because I may have installed to use xulrunner, to get around chromium's create application shortcuts not working on FreeBSD.

Though it wasn't necessary as I was able to get chromium to create an application shortcut on FreeBSD (PR: ports/175369).

So, another quick patch of the Makefile for www/libxul:


--- Makefile.orig  2013-06-04 10:47:49.000000000 -0500
+++ Makefile  2013-06-06 13:35:10.701173018 -0500
@@ -54,6 +54,8 @@
+    ${WRKSRC}/configure.in

Odd, that I don't remember running into the issue at home...just at work. Guess when I updated databases/sqlite3 at home, I didn't pay attention to SECURE_DELETE. But, I did when I updated databases/sqlite3 on work FreeBSD machine, from home. I update ports more regularly at home than at work, usually doing it in a bigger batch from home. Often getting things mixed up as to whether a terminal session is my home computer or my work computer. A complication of similar looking environments, and short/same length hostnames:

prompt on home computer is:

root@zen:/usr/ports 1#

prompt on work computer is:

root@mew:/usr/ports 1#

There was a period of time, where the name scheme for my computers at home were/are other computers. That is after I named my main computer 'tardis', which isn't the case at the moment...but someday I plan to finally get around to buying that new computer which will be called 'tardis', or incase I turn back on what used to be my main computer for some reason. And, my old linux server named lhaven, which is the same name as my home network. Which going even further back in time, was my UUCP hostname.

Anyways, this resulted in a computer named 'box' (from Star Cops) -- the linux server that took over core services from lhaven -- and then a computer named 'orac' (Blake's 7) -- which I had purchased when I thought I had lost 'lhaven' in the icepocalypse. 'lhaven' did eventually die completely, so I reused its name when I needed to create a linux computer to dedicate for the quake-catcher network. The USB driver for it didn't get along with VirtualBox's USB probe, and Test4Theory would cause the system (orac) to panic randomly. At first 'lhaven' was a Windows XP system, which was really unstable and I had to schedule it to reboot 2, then 3 and finally 4 times each week. Later Linux support of the USB sensor became available, so I had initially put it on 'orac'....which was fine at first, since Test4Theory wasn't active.

Since redoing that old windows box as Linux, is had been much more stable. The only reboots have been it saying a reboot is needed when I log in....which I have to remember to do now and then, though I suppose I could set the option in unattended-upgrades to let it reboot itself. I had changed to to do more than just do security upgrades. Though its connected to a KVM with an active desktop and autologin, so that boinc can use the GPU. And, the desktop comes up 'wrong' if the KVM isn't switched to it when it reboots. Though it doesn't affect boinc, its just annoying...though since I don't use the desktop on it much, its probably ok. Its different with 'box' and 'orac'....

Anyways...when I got this new computer....I decided 'zen' (Blake's 7) was the name I would use for it. The two new FreeBSD sytems call 'cbox' and 'dbox'...is that they are the pair to replace box, they both run the same core services....they both work as MTAs, they are my internal DNS servers (though one is master and the other is slave), they both do (failover) DHCP, they both run freeradius (to control access through my Airport Extremes), they both run NTP, though I really should have a 3rd since the for NTP you should either have 1 server or 3+ servers. 1 is sufficient if you just want something to be close to the right time. But, you need 3 or more if you want something that's truly accurate.... 3 is the minimum quorum size to have a majority agreement on what the time is. Since with only two, its hard to decide which one is wrong (internet delays can vary suddenly make the delay compensation incorrect.) So, 3 is the minimum to try to resolve such. Using 4 servers is even better, because servers do go down...and when that happens you be down to only having 3 to get accurate time from. And, of course, even more is even better, though it gets to be poor to be polling so many servers. So, for now I just have the two internal NTP servers, which are each polling 4 servers. What I've been thinking about as a 3rd is to see about acquiring my own Stratum-1 NTP appliance. Though not sure how GPS reception in the tin can that I live in is like.

And, other services, like nginx (reverse proxy), squid, tor, apache22 (though services under apache are different, and the nginx makes for 'single' site to access all the different web services around my home), cups, ddclient, rsyncd, mosh....but with cbox's default gateway being my cable internet service, and dbox's default gateway being my DSL internet service. The systems deviate from each other, in that one (cbox) is my cacti server and the other (dbox) is my nagios server. mysql is installed on 'cbox' for cacti, though I wonder if moving it would help with the load on 'cbox' (load average on cbox is usually just under 12 -- though I plan to move cacti someday) while load on 'dbox' is under 2 (and its largely because I'm running dnetc on one vCPU) The next project will be to move irssi from 'box' to 'dbox', which I think means I can finally redo 'box'....and wing an upgrade of 'orac' to 12.04LTS.

I had held off on upgrading 'box' and 'orac' to 12.04LTS, because of worry about problems affecting the essential services that these machines are doing, so the 'cbox/dbox' project started just before 12.04.1 came out.... Plus I was hesitant, because I tried an 8.04LTS to 10.04LTS upgrade once where it ceased to recognized my mdadm arrays. Requiring a painful restore/recovery process (it was also my backuppc server then). Though a couple weeks later, the bug was reported to have been fixed.

I'm either going to combine parts of the current 'box' with the formerly Windows computer named 'gumby' to be a new 'box'....or remain as is, but become a 32-bit FreeBSD server. Not sure what that means for the hardware that was 'gumby'...which is a 64-bit capable dual-core processor with 4GB of memory (neither were being fully utilized as 'gumby', since it was a 32-bit Windows XP system), though its needs to new video card and some new drives.... 'box' has a pair of 120GB drives and an Nvidia GT430 that should go over nicely. 'box', is a rather old single core Pentium 4 with 2GB of memory...where its cost prohibitive to get 2GB DIMMS of DDR memory...it only has 2 slots. Unlike 'tardis' which has a Pentium 4 w/HT...but with 4 slots so getting it 4GB wasn't as painful (of course only 3GB is usable). Hard to believe though that 'box' was originally only 512MB....though its the latest in a long string of off-lease computers, that had started with a Pentium 75. Which get replaced when they cease to be servicable....

Come to think of it....'tardis' originally came with only 512MB of memory as well, but it was quickly upgraded to 2GB....

Anyways....as to the origin of 'mew'...I had gone with Sluggy Freelance as the source for naming my work computers. My main computer was 'aylee', with 'riff' and 'torg' completing the usual set. When I've had more than 3 (real or virtual) computers at my desk, other names used include 'zoe', 'sasha', 'oasis'. At previous job, the naming had extended into the datacenter where I had systems named 'kiki', 'bun-bun', 'reakk', 'psyk'. Used to be 'aylee' was always my Linux system, though for some reason I no longer have a system named 'aylee'. Though I did finally get a Linux system back in my cubicle at work, it got the name 'torg'. My iMac is 'kiki'...'riff' was my Sun workstation, which is probably going to stay off forever now....but I wanted a short name for when I was building my FreeBSD workstation to replace 'riff'.

I settled on 'mew', which is an ancient group of evil beings created when Satan came to earth and lost a bet, known as "The Evil".

Which also at the time fit with an internal joke/reference....

Strange, I thought I would write quick posts here and there to keep things active, because coming up with long ones have been hard....but, the blogs description is apt here.

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