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SSD Craziness


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SSD Craziness

Meanwhile, during the Black Friday Week, there was a 240GB SSD for $149.99....I had started thinking that I wanted to do L2ARCs for my other zpools, the 4x1.5TB raidz pool and the 6x2TB raidz2 pool. And, then I got to thinking about using ssd for ZIL

And, finally last weekend I got around to taking that risky move. During the process I had found that my root zpool wasn't 4k aligned...it didn't seem to suffer that much...as I had seen with advanced format drives. Though none of the drives in Zen are advanced format. Though might be interesting should I have to replace drive in the future. Wonder if the ZFS people will have a way to have it cope with replacing 512-byte sector drives with 4096-byte sector drives. Probably an oversight that while ZFS can deal with any kind of sectoring for drives....it doesn't allow replacing or adding drives of different sectoring to a vdev. Something that'll come as old drives wear out and new drives will only be available in larger sectors. Probably a problem that happens slower in the enterprise drive space.

Anyways...I decided that since ZIL devices should be mirrored, while cache devices can only be singles...that instead of working just the 240GB SSD into Zen, that I would also take the 120GB Patriot drive and pair it up with the OCZ Agility 3 120GB drive. This was a bit of a challenge, in that it called for adding another sata controller to Zen the Sil3124 based card I got didn't work out, so I ended up using a different Sil3124 based card that I had gotten during the 'lhaven misstep'. This first Sil3124 had two internal and two external ports, since I'm kind of limited in drive bays (even though I got a 4x2.5 in a 5.25 bay...especially since it turned out that one of the bays is flaky.

But, I booted from a flash drive...and created my new layout on the Patriot 120GB drive (64k boot, 12G swap, 5x4G ZILs, 75GB zroot (doing gnop to get 4K alignment). And, then I zfs send/received from the other drive...and then when I felt things were ready...redid the OCZ Agility 3 to match and mirrored. And, then I rebooted.

Oops, I forgot to update to reflect the change in root zpool. I had originally named my root pool 'rpool'....basically following the same convention we use on our Sun boxes at work. Though I had opted to use zroot when doing the FreeBSD systems at work. I named my 1.5TB pool 'lcldsk'....though I'm leaving that as is. The other pools are named lraidz and lraidz2. Originally the plan was l something and r something, but I ended up putting 2x2 and 3x3 in the 2 drive arrays.....but lraidz was done first...the raidz2 was done later....and the spreading of drives was decided then. So, decided l-something would be the way :>>

Anyways...back to flash drive, so I can update references to rpoot to zroot. There were a few places. And, then try again. Darn, its not happy about zpool.cache. I had tried to be sneaky and create a zpool.cache with all my zpools, but it didn't take...so just zroot. Booting up was strange, because /home is on lcldsk, which it didn't import and mount along with my other zpools. So, I had to get console and root and import them...and then reboot to get everything to come up happy.

Though then I started having tons of right errors going into the L2ARC for the lcldsk pool, the only one that I had converted initially...because it was a 16GB partition on the OCZ drive, which got redone to match the Patriot drive earlier.... Occurred to me that I had some trouble during the setup phase, and reseating the drive had helped....so tried moving the drive to the other slot and that fixed it.

A couple days ago, I finally got around to adding L2ARC to the other two zpools. and adding ZILs to the as well. Today I was going to tackle the 63GB zpool (which I'm planning to use for virtualbox snapshots, since I like how that works on Orac and the 60GB drive ended up there....I use a md device on FreeBSD for browsercache, instead of on Orac where I also some of the SSD space.) Wouldn't no that I had expanded my root pool from 63GB to 75GB....because I moved a var filesystem that I had put on lcldsk back....I wasn't sure how big the (xapian) database files would get, and they seem okay, so I've moved them back. Leaving boinc and mysql on lcldsk. Since boinc does get lots of space....a project won't send me work if I don't have 8GB of space for it, even though it uses only about 1GB. There's about 20GB free on the SSD drive now (up from 18GB)

Though on Tuesday night I saw it reading data at over 200MB/s......peaks of almost 250MB/s...which the month scrub of my zroot triggered. Scrub before was fast, but not this fast....it was kind of scary at first, before I realized how late it was and what was happening.

Watching stats...I see the L2ARC drive is full on lcldsk and lraidz2, while lraidz is pretty empty. I guess it makes sense since lcldsk has /home and is doing dedup, and lraidz2 has my backuppc pool While lraidz is mainly archival storage (though I need to through it someday, since its got salvaged files from my old Zen...and its bugging me that I'm not doing as much digital photography lately because I haven't recovered that part yet.) And, the plan is to maybe turn dedup on for lraidz.

Wonder if I should switch the 63GB vbox with the 32GB L2ARC on lcldsk..... wonder if there's a tool to figure out the sizing. Though so far, I'm not seeing a whole lot of ZIL usage. I had considered making the only 1GB originally, though I was getting conflicting input how how to compute size ... though 3G would probably be what they should've been according to what I settled on, but had gone with 4G...because the numbers lined up better :lalala:

Should probably decide before I start using the vbox zpool, since it would be a bit harder to exchange the two later.

Wonder when I'll do the two new servers....and whether another SSD drive is in the future for getting (w) laptop upgraded. :hmm:

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