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State Tax Refund Received


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State Tax Refund Received

I received my State Tax Refund...only 5 calendar days since my return was reported as accepted. TurboTax had said allow up to 21 days. There was a year where there was a budget crisis...though it doesn't seem to have ended yet....where they were threatening to not pay income tax refunds....or severely delay them.

Though it wasn't that huge of a delay by the time I filed.

Wonder when I'll get my Federal Tax Refund.... TurboTax said 9 out of 10 got refunds in under 21 days last year, though when I did my taxes last year, TurboTax said 7-14 days. Which was pretty much spot on....I got my Federal refund 7 days after I filed....the state refund came 5 days after filing.

So, if things hold....my Federal should appear on Monday.

In 2011, state refund was 5 days after and federal was 8 days after.

In 2010, state refund was 3 days after and federal was 11 days after.

In 2009, state refund was 9 days after and federal was 12 days after.

In 2008, I waited to the week before to pay state and federal taxes. (about 22 days after I had filed.) - while I became a homeowner again during 2007, I sold lots of stock to help make that possible.

In 2007, I had to pay taxes to Ohio (they only withheld federal from the unemployment checks), but got refunds (due to moving deduction) from Kansas, 5 days after, and federal, 7 days after.

In 2006, I paid both Ohio and federal income taxes -- and I used to take the convenience hit of charging my federal to credit card. So, paid fed when I filed on March 30, paid Ohio the following week.

In 2005, I paid both Ohio and federal income taxes. Federal on March 28, Ohio on April 12.

In 2004, I paid Ohio on April 12. I filed on April 1st, and received Federal refund on April 16th.

In 2003, I paid both Ohio and Federal. Federal on March 16, Ohio on March 24.

In 2002, I paid Federal on March 30, received refund from Ohio on April 5th.

In 2001, I paid Federal on March 10, received refund from Ohio on March 16

In 2000, I paid Federal on March 4, received refund from Ohio on March 20

In 1999, I used TurboTax for the first time and completed on March 14, but filed a paper return due to the complexities of change in residency status and part year Form 2555 exclusion. I received Federal refund on April 23, and Ohio refund on April 29.

Before that there was nothing since all my income was excluded using Form 2555. Also before 1999, I was had been doing returns by hand....Canada returns are pretty straight forward, and they'll find and fix mistakes for you. One of the commonly missed deductions usually gets me. And, I did my US returns by hand, because of 2555 and them being 0.

I have no electronic records of my Canadian refunds, etc. Because my computer didn't survive the move from Canada to the US in 1998, and I never got around from attempting to any sort of recovery...even though it should still be boxed up somewhere. My Quicken file (which started as MSMoney) starts on December 31st, 1997....had back filled so full year 1998 would be in it.

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